Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back by (Semi) Popular Demand!!!

Yeah, okay...so, HI! You know you missed me, admit it! Sorry for the extended absence, but I really needed a break. I've got a few things to tell y'all about, though nothing really exciting. My life is still boring, but I'm still living it! LOL

Anyway, let's see...Meghan is WALKING now! Oh yes, she's alllll over the house and rarely crawls anymore. Of course, now that she's walking, she's also into anything and everything. Thank goodness for baby gates! She's also FINALLY getting more teeth in...just one so far...her top front left tooth is coming in nicely. The other front tooth I think is still trying to break through the gum. I told MrKB that if they don't both come in together she's gonna look like a miniature hillbilly with just two bottom teeth and one top tooth!

She's also taken to throwing little fits when she's not getting what she wants RIGHT THIS SECOND. She will literally throw herself down on the floor and start screeching and crying...sometimes rolls around a bit for show...she stops just short of actually kicking her feet and pounding her little fists on the floor. I usually ignore her and she stops within a few minutes. When my niece and nephew are here (ages 8 and 10) and she does that, they will hover over her..."Oh Meghan it's okay" or "Here Meghan" (trying to distract her with some toy or whatever)...and she just goes on throwing the fit 'cuz it's Mama she wants not them, and I have to tell them to just leave her alone probably a gazillion times.

Speaking of my niece...a couple weeks ago they were over and all playing in Destiny's room. Niece has a habit of picking Meghan up and trying to carry her around all over the place, even though she's been told not to. Well, they were in there playing and I was sitting at the computer in the living room listening to them. When I sent them in there to play I gave her specific instructions: "Don't be picking Meghan up! Period." Not 20 minutes later the baby starts screaming one of those "I'm hurt" cries...you Mamas out there know the one I'm talking about! I ran around the corner and Meghan is on the floor on the WRONG side of the baby gate, and my niece is hanging across the top of the now fallen gate on her stomach trying to get herself back on her feet. OH, I was PISSED OFF!! Then my nephew pipes up saying "Meghan wanted in there with you." *blink blink* I looked at them and said "The whole point of having the gate up is for her to be in an area where she can run around and play and I don't worry too much about her getting hurt. If I wanted her in here I would come get her myself." Obviously my niece took it upon herself to pick her up and then put her on my side of the gate...in the process she DROPPED MY BABY GIRL and then fell semi-on-top of her!!! Thankfully, Meghan was alright...I think she was more shocked than anything. It took me GREAT restraint to keep from beating my niece senseless though, lemme tell ya, I was NOT happy and I let her know it. So now, neither she or my nephew are allowed to pick her up anymore.

Moving on...

Destiny is still testing her limits, though she's not aggravating me or irritating me quite as much now...I think she's learned most of the limits. Took her in for another appointment at the Child Study Center for a progress check up. She's gotten taller and gained some weight. And they confirmed what I've been telling people all along..she is definitely speech delayed. She will be starting preschool in the fall, and I have to find one to get her in that also has a speech therapist. There's also maybe something wrong with her ears and I need to go have them checked out. The study center checked them with a little machine that puts a digital graph reading on it showing whether or not the eardrum is working properly, and apparently neither of hers are. She SEEMS to hear just fine, but who knows. I hope to god she doesn't have to end up with a life with a hearing aid like I have for the past 24 years. It's such a pain in the ass and makes lots of thing difficult.

Otherwise, both girls are healthy, happy and doing fine.

We are STILL waiting on adoption paperwork to be sent to us so we can get moving in that area. Of course the caseworker has one excuse after the other. Oh, and she came by for a visit yesterday and asked me "Are y'all gonna be at court on Thursday?" *blink blink* Ummm...Hello? Nobody has said anything about it, so how would we know to be there??? Yeah...and I have a WIC appointment on Thursday morning that's been set for months. She said she's not sure if the foster parents HAVE to be there, she'll find out. May just be a continuation of the last court date, where the separation of siblings paperwork was supposed to be filed. (and which the caseworker didn't even show up to, from what I heard). I'm getting SO tired of this kind of bullshit. I'm going to be thrilled when it's all over and I never have to see or talk to this girl AGAIN.

I found out some bad news yesterday. My Granddad has been battling emphysema for awhile now. Been on oxygen more and more every time I see him. Well, I saw my Mom yesterday, and she said something about him having lung cancer. I was like "WHAT??" And she's like "Oh yeah, Granddad has lung cancer and is on the oxygen 100% of the time now." HOW does she forget to tell me stuff like this?!?! Also, his lungs are too far gone for radiation treatments, and he doesn't want to do chemotherapy...so it looks like I will be losing my Granddad sometime this year, if not sometime this summer.

Sigh...I'm getting tears in my eyes just thinking about him being gone. And my poor Grandmother! I don't know how she'll take it when he's gone. They've been married over 50 years.

That's all I can think of to post about right now. I need to go fix lunch for the girls. Thanks for your patience during my break, and a big THANK YOU to those of you who continued to keep me on your blogrolls....to those who kicked me off (you know who you are!) PBLLLTTTTTTT!!!!