Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh Yeah!! I Have a Blog!! :)

I'm soooo sorry I haven't posted in a long time! Life's been crazy lately, as we look for a house to move too very soon.

Our apartments are raising their rent AGAIN...they just raised it six months ago when we signed another lease. We are not signing another one, so we're looking for a house with at l
east 3 bedrooms and a fenced backyard for the girls to play. What they are raising rent to, we feel is just not worth it for this place. They don't do repairs like they should...there's really nowhere for the girls to play outside...and on top of all that, with the last "newsletter" we were informed that we are not allowed to grill!! How unAmerican is that?!? It's so much crap.

I hate moving...especially in the summertime! The house hunting is really starting to get me down too. So far every house we've tried for, someone else gets. :( It would help, I'm sure, if we had the rent and deposit they were asking on the
day we apply, but realistically that's not happening. Gas and groceries are killing us, and until we've for sure found a place to move to, the apartment sucks up money that we could use for moving. :( UGH!
ANYWAY...other than that, we're all doing just fine. The girls are good...had to take them in for shots a week or so ago, yeah, that was fun. I chopped off Destiny's long hair, and now it's chin-length. She loves it, and it looks really cute!

Meghan graduated to Pull-ups instead of diapers yesterday, so we've begun the potty-training thing. Can you believe it's that time already??? I can't! I'm a little sad, because it means she's not a baby anymore. :( She is so full of attitude lately, saying "No" to just about anything we are telling her to do, and bedtime has become a battle. She is constantly getting out of her crib and throwing a big hissy fit. She's also to that stage where she wants to do everything all by herself. That's great, until you're in a big hurry to go somewhere and she's taking 20 minutes just to put on a shirt! LOL