Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yeah, I Know...

I pretty much suck at posting with any kind of regularity lately...but I try! Really I do! The last few days I've been over at MySpace messing around making a new layout. Check it out if you wanna, I'm pretty proud of myself, 'cuz the background pic on the layout code didn't had been removed due to high bandwith usage, so I did my own. I also made my own Contact Table and Online icon thing. I SO rock! LOL I've actually been learning a little bit about HTML stuff while trying different things. You can see my page here and I had so much fun doing mine, that I made an account for MrKB and did a page for him also, that you can see here. Please take a look and let me know what you think! I also made the Contact Table on his, too, as well as the Extended Network banner and the background. Yep, I'm proud! :) (Plus if you go look you'll get to see pics!)

So, anyway...I was reading a few blogs, and I've been seeing lately quite a few bloggers with a button in their sidebar saying they are honoring a particular person who was a victim of September 11th. Chris is the latest one I noticed, so I decided that I would participate also. I will be honoring Daniel Lugo with a post of my own on September 11th. He was 45 years old at the time he was killed at the World Trade Center.

The idea behind this project is to have one blogger post for each of the victims of that day. There were 2,996 victims, so we'll need 2,996 bloggers to commit to posting about a certain person that lost their life. I was number 1,881 to sign up, so we still need a lot more to get involved. Such a simple thing to do, won't you sign up too?? You can go here to read the blog that's been set up about this touching tribute project, and go here to sign up for your own tribute. See my cool button over there ------> with my links in the sidebar? You can get one of those for yourself too. C'mon, y' won't take a lot of time or effort! Please join us in remembering those who died!

As an Oklahoman, from Oklahoma City, who will never forget April 19, 1995 when the Murrah Building was bombed, New York and September 11th touched me deeply, and I am honored to be a part of this project. Won't you be, too?


Monica said...

Hi, Mamak! Yes, two of my fav bloggers, Lisa and Suzy are doing this also and convinced me. My own city lost 3 people in the Murrah Building in OK City that day.

Hope all is well with you and hubby and the girls! :)

Shannon said...

I love your background on your myspace! It looks great! Here is a link to mine.
and I will check the OKC thing after while.

Chris said...

Great myspace stuff honey. Also, good on ya for joining up for the Sept. 11th tribute.

I'm saddened that more bloggers have bot signed up yet. No matter what anyone's stance on the war or the administration, the innocent people that perished that day should be remembered. *hugs*

lecram sinun said...

Love the tigger on the myspace page. :)

MamaKBear said...

Monica: Glad you'll be participating too! We're all good here, same stuff...different day! :)

Shannon: Thanks sweetie! :)

Chris: Thank you! I'm glad to be a part of it, and I agree! :)

Lecram: Thanks! Tigger makes me smile, and feel like a kid! :)

BuccoTom said...

Just checking in hun. Sounds like you been a busy gal lately. Hope your weekend is great.

Roxi said...

wooo hooo for myspace!!

Mel Chickk said...

Your myspace looks great! You did that all yourself? Thats awesome. And not too much glitter either, bonus! LOL I'll have to think about what I want.

I am going to go back and sign up for a tribute as soon as I post this.