Saturday, February 10, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Meghan

Meghan will be 22 months old on the 13th. She is saying more and more words all the time, and probably a whole bunch that I just haven't been able to translate from her "toddler-speak" yet. I thought I'd make a little record of things she does say on a regular basis nowadays. Of course, some are of the obvious persuasion, but I was curious as to just how big her vocabulary is so far.

See...usually said quite loudly and excitedly.
No...but comes out more like "Ooooh"
All gone...comes out like "Ah gah"
Bye...she actually said this one for the first time last night! Before that, "Hi" stood for both hi and bye.
Papa (well, kinda!)
Yay...sounds more like "Aaaaaa" and usually claps her hands at the same time.
"Shew shew"...said while wrinkling her nose and waving her hand in front of her face. She gets that from me, since I would say it a lot and make the motion when changing a stinky diaper.
Please....sounds like "peas"...she's got looking cute down with this one! She'll cock her head to the side when she says it. LOL
Thank you...sounds like "Ain goo"

Hmmmm...unfortunately that's all I can come up with right now. 20 words? At 22 months? Really?? I have no idea if that's average or not. I'll have to look that up. But man...she is ALWAYS talking it seems. I'm sure she's got lots more words that I'm just not understanding yet.

She still communicates a lot with, I guess you could say, "grunts" and gestures. She does use intonation on some words, particularly "Mama". If she's a little aggravated or disappointed about something it will sound like "Maaaa Ma!" Of course if she really wants my attention, she says it very loudly!

What else? Oh, whenever I am listening to music, she "sings" along, though in her own words. So cute! She will also try to count...she mimics the sounds of the numbers, and sometimes even knows what comes next! She's very, very bright. She's followed complex directions for many months now, like "Get your diaper and put it in the trash." or "Get your binky and put it in your bed". Destiny, at 4 years old, STILL has problems with complex instructions sometimes. Not always, but sometimes. But this post isn't about that.

It's just been an amazing 21 or so months for me. (Remember she was already 3 weeks old when I got her.) I have loved (almost!) every minute of it...watching her grow and change, and accomplish new things all the time. I'm SO thankful that I've had the chance to be a Mommy to the baby I tried so long and hard to have myself that never happened. She has helped so much with filling that emptiness that's been in my heart and arms for over a decade. Oh, I still hope and dream of someday getting pregnant and having a child of my own...but I'm 35 now. In my head I know that my chances are growing ever slimmer, and I try not to dwell on it too much. The longing, the void, is still's just not as immense as it was before.


Jacki said...

The beginnings of speach are so exciting!!! Ethan has been saying mama/mumum since November, though I am sure he has no idea what it means, but I adore it! Congrats on so many words!!! It's only gonna get better and better!

SignGurl said...

Wait until she starts stringing the words together making sentences. You will be amazed!

MamaKBear said...

LOL...I'm sure I will! She amazes me constantly these days. :)

Burg said...

Those kids are so very lucky to have you!! I sure wish there were more in the world just like ya!