Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Adoption News

Well, we received some paperwork in the mail finally! But it's not what we were quite expecting...it's an "Application for Adoption". It's basically the SAME stuff we had to do to become foster parents of the girls in the first place. Literally, the SAME stuff, only some of the wording has been changed.

So now we have to fill this out. Stuff about health, work history, background checks, that kinda thing. Also have to get physicals done again at the doctor's office. After that someone will come out to our house to do a "home assessment" AGAIN.

I'm not worried about any of it...I know we passed everything once, we will again. It just seems kinda silly when they could just pull up the records from when we did all this in the first place. Unnecessary paperwork, I suppose is how I feel about it. BUT, it's a start...this will get the ball rolling to where we want to be, and that's to be the legal, official, PARENTS of Destiny and Meghan!

I'll be glad when it's all over!


MamaMel said...

Sounds like typical DHS stuff to me! I'm sure you've already talked to your caseworker or the foster care specialist but if not, maybe they can try to eliminate some of the paperwork for you! Good luck!

MrsCoach2U said...

I didn't comment because I didn't read it yet, MamaMel told me all about it yesterday, that's how I know you were back to blogging! Government caseworkers, how retarded can they be? Oh wait, I'm one, never mind..........

miss_lissa said...

it's a small nudge, but the ball is moving now.

It won't be long till you have papers that prove what your heart knew all along~ those are your babies.

Anonymous said...

don't sniff mamakbear, I'm commenting.:)
This stuff seems like it's taking forever and it must be wearing thin on your nerves.
Hang in there, someday soon they'll be yours.
Love your new look of the blog by the way.:)