Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Don't Know What to Call This Post and I Don't Really Care

I am in a blah mood. July 4th is usually one of my very favorite holidays out of the year. But this year it was just another day.

We used to go camping every year for the weekend out at Lake Texoma. Obviously didn't do that this year...so that depressed me 'cuz I felt all weekend I should be out at the lake camping and fishing.

Then, all week I'd been looking forward to at LEAST taking the girls out to the park where they have a big festival all day and a fireworks show at night. We didn't take them last year because they were still pretty small. But, wouldn't you know...the day finally arrives, and I AM SICK!! I have a summertime cold apparently...my nose is either stuffed up or running and my head is just all...I dunno..."foggy"...and I just plain don't feel good. I ended up sleeping most of the day. Thankfully hubby was off of work for the day, so he let me rest and he took care of the kids.


Have I mentioned to y'all that my 13 yr old stepdaughter is visiting?? She was here over the weekend, and will be here tomorrow for the day. We were going to go swimming in the pool, and we got all ready to go, put sunscreen on Des and Meghan, only to get to the pool and find out that it was closed! Bummer. I'm gonna have to take pics when I do get them to the pool. Last year Meghan was only 3 months old and wasn't all that impressed. This year I think she will be a lot more interested in it...she loves to splash the water in the bathtub, so who knows?

We are STILL waiting on the adoption paperwork to arrive in the mail. I'm getting sooo tired of all the delays and excuses the caseworker comes up with. Just get it freakin' done already you stupid bitch! Get these kids OUT of the goddamn system so they can live a normal life!!

Sigh....I think I need to go back to bed.


Mel Chickk said...

Really sorry to hear you're feeling so crummy. That really puts a damper on your day. Hope you feel better soon!

Ryan said...

sorry u got the blues on the 4th and not even the good blues! sendin u a ((((hug))))

Monica said...

Hope you get to feeling better. Keeping fingers crossed about the paperwork. You'll feel so much better when everything is complete and I know those girls got as precious a gift in you as you did in them. :)

~April~ said...

Do you have any chocolate? That might help.

natty68 said...

I agree with April, get some chocolate and indulge.

Hope you are feeling better today hon :)

I'll email you later about your template, with instructions of what to do so you dont kill anything..lol


miss_lissa said...

Why your caseworker is dragging her heels is beyond me but thats how the whole system works isn't it?

since you left me a big hug--which I really appreciated since I was so pissed about work-- I'm doing the same for you here..

((big hugs))
Hope today is a better day.

Puffin said...

I'm just a silly old clown from the foothills of the bLue ridge. I am no doctor ( but I'd like to play one on TV), but I swear those summertime colds are directly related to the A/C in your car! I'd bet you would ditch the cold if you went outside and sweat for an afternoon. I used to be one of those folks who jumped in the car and turned on the A/C until I was freezing, and one day i thought that was the problem. I haven';t been sick since I stopped using the car A/C. Now I only use it if someone else is in the car with me ( and then i keep it on the feet) or if I have a need to show up someplace dressed nicely. Try a few days without the A/C in the car.

Puffin T. Clown. M.D.