Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Picture Post :) (FINALLY!!)

Some friends of ours came over Friday evening to visit (*gasp* ADULT company!!) and it was miserably hot and humid so we decided to go to the pool here in our complex. It was the first time since the pool opened that we actually went, and boy did it feel great! I took the camera with me since the girls hadn't been since last summer. Meghan was only a couple of months old then, and Destiny was scared.

This year, Meghan is 15 months old (as of the 13th!) and she loves playing in the tub, but she wasn't too sure about swimming. She was kinda tired, though, maybe if we take her when she's at her most alert she'd have more fun. Destiny is 3 1/2 now, and she was scared at first...I suppose all that water is kinda intimidating to a kid her age. She had on a life jacket, of course, and if we let go of her she just would tip over backwards or even sideways! Kinda funny, but only scared her even more. The problem was she wasn't moving her arms and legs at all. Once we got her to really get her legs kicking and use her arms too, she actually swam and started having fun! I was so proud of her! :)

So, without further ado, here are the few pictures I did manage to get, with minimal editing. (I had to lighten a couple and remove red eye in at least one.)

Daddy and Destiny...of course she WOULD close her eyes just as I snapped the picture! This was taken when she was still tipping over if we let go of her. LOL

Destiny with our friends in the background. She was practicing swimming on her back in this one. Once she finally caught on to what we were telling her, she did really well going forwards on her belly. I would walk backwards in front of her, staying just out of her reach....she went back and forth across the pool all on her own steam. (and a little encouragement from Mommy!

Couldn't get these last three arranged quite how I wanted them...The one with Meghan in a car seat is a pic from last summer when she went to the pool for the first time ever. It's actually the same swimsuit too! She's 3 months old in that pic...wanted to post it so you could see how much she's grown in a year.

Pics above are of Meghan and my friend, and of Meghan and Daddy...you can see she's not too sure about the swimming thing!

Hope you enjoyed them...sorry it's not that many, but it took FOREVER just to get these up!


Sam said...

They are so adorable. I hope everything with the adoption process goes smoothly for you all. Lucky kids to have great parents that love them!

kaliblue said...

AW!!! They are soo cute in there lil suits and all :-). Just too darn precious I tell ya..

Mel Chickk said...

Cute pics. Looks like you were having some fun!

I wish I were in a pool right now!!

Shannon said...

AAAWW! They are so cute! Meghan is growing a lot! Is her hair turning blonder?
Brady had that same baby float when he was little.
Thanks for sharing the pics!

MamaKBear said...

Sam: Thank you! We think we are lucky to have THEM! :)

Kali: They are, ain't they?

Mel: We did have fun...should go to the pool more often, especially since it's been sooo freakin' HOT!

Shannon: Thank you! I know, I can't believe how much she's changed in just a year! Yep, her hair is pretty much blond now, though it's in the mid-tones color...not dark, not light. It gets curly when it's wet too. :)

Dream Mommy said...


I found you in the comments on Michelle's blog and wanted to say hi.

We just recently started fostering and are hoping to adopt a baby boy we have in our care now.

The Real Kidd said...

OMG! They are so cute! I love the swimming pics! Hope all is going well. Been thinking about you and the girls.

~April~ said...

Ah, so precious! LOOKS LIKE FUN!!!!!

MamaKBear said...

Dream Mommy: SO nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by...I'm glad I came across Michelle's blog and have found so many others going through some of the same things I have. Hope you'll come again!

Kidd: Thanks, hun! Things are going okay...one day at a time, ya know!

April: Thank you! It was loads of fun!

Tish said...

*LOL* All that water is intimidating to ME! I start another round of swimming lessons tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be swimming someday soon! And it only took 34 years!