Saturday, September 02, 2006

How Much More???

As if we don't have enough drama in our lives already...this weekend is a good example of irony. You know last weekend I spent it in the hospital getting an appendectomy. (I am doing fine, still a little sore, and still can't pick up Meghan or even vacuum the floor, but I'm healing well.) We were supposed to watch my Mom-in-law's kids that weekend, and she ended up watching ours (again!) instead. I felt SO guilty, you wouldn't believe!

Well, THIS weekend, we have her kids so she could have a garage sale without them underfoot. Last night SHE went to the same hospital E.R. that I did, because she has had a horrible headache for two days that she couldn't get rid of. We thought it might be stress, but the doctors there discovered THREE tumors in her head!! MrKB is down right now at his Aunt's house where she spent last night and apparently the family has decided he's the one that should make any of Mom's medical decisions. The doctor wants to talk to him...I'm not sure if it's the one she saw at the E.R. or the neurosurgeon she's going to see on Tuesday.

Don't know if y'all saw the irony of the situation...I just found it ironic that just last weekend she watched our kids while I went to the E.R. and this weekend we are watching hers while she went to the same E.R. She would be staying in the hospital too, but they didn't have any beds available. I guess I lucked out last weekend.

All I know so far is about the 3 masses that were found in her head, and apparently the doctor is wanting MrKB's Aunt and Uncle to wake her up every two hours and check on her.

My question is how much more are we going to have to deal with??? Besides the stuff with the girls, we've also been dealing with watching MrKB's Dad battle cancer. We've watched him deteriorate A LOT in the past year, and don't expect him to make it much past Christmas. Found out recently that MY Granddad has lung cancer...MrKB's Aunt (the same one taking care of Mom now) has also been battling cancer for awhile now. She is stage 4 and doctors don't give her much time left either, but to look at her you wouldn't have a clue she's even sick! So that's 3 people close to us...Now this with Mom! No idea yet if these tumors are cancerous or benign...let's hope they're benign, and they can get them out.

This all just really sucks...and I'm scared.

*edit* Yeah, so he just came back home to let me know what's up....It's definitely fucking cancer...not only in her brain, but apparently her lungs too, which is where the doctors think it started. My poor hubby is trying so hard to keep himself together. Now he has BOTH parents with a cancer diagnosis, and it doesn't look good for either one of them.


miss_lissa said...

oh hun.. I am so terribly sorry to hear this.

praying for a light of hope in this situation.

(hugs) to you & your hubby!!

Bexxie said...

Thinking of you lovie!!


Monica said...

Bless your heart, MamaK. When it rains it pours sometimes, doesn't it?

Thinking of you and your family during this time.

BuccoTom said...

Thinking of you and sending my prayers babe. Take care of you.

Katie said...

That is so sad and scary!!!! Thinking of you and all of your family! Blessed be!

The Real Kidd said...

I am so sorry. ((hug)) Cancer fucking sucks honey. I wish I could do or say more to make you and MrKB feel better. I hate cancer.

Let me know if you need anyting.

MrsCoach2U said...

((HUG)) That's awful! I'm so sorry your going through this. Wish I was closer to help you out!!!

MrsCoach2U said...
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halo said...

Oh Hun, Im so sorry for you both. Much love and hugs.

Mel Chickk said...

O.M.G.! I cant believe all this! I usually don't check blogs unless I see the little update sign flashing but since I hadn't seen one on yours in awhile I thought I better check in. I was expecting to hear all about a great visit from your cousin and instead I find all this. I am so, so sorry to hear about all that has happened to your family just in the last few weeks, not to mention everything else. Hang in there, missy!