Monday, September 25, 2006

Wow...10 Days Already??

Since my last post?? Damn, I HAVE been busy, haven't I? It's a wonder my head is still attached to my shoulders, 'cuz I feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off these days.

First of all...Mom...yeah...not looking good. She is still feeling really bad most of the time and still gets headaches. She sleeps a lot. There's also been additional...ummm...I guess you'd call them "symptoms". One day she couldn't see anything. Not like total darkness not seeing, but she couldn't tell what ANYTHING was. She's also been having a lot of double vision. Also, one day our Aunt who she's staying with found her passed out in the sink in the bathroom. She's been doing strange things the day she just suddenly got up from the couch out of a dead sleep and went to walking around outside. When our Aunt asked her what she was doing, she looked dazed and confused as she said, "I don't know."

Still no official date for any kind of surgery. We're still waiting for financial won't do anything until then. Found out just one surgery is going to cost a MINIMUM of $100,000!! That's right. One. Hundred. THOUSAND. Good grief! Yeah, and while we wait, she gets worse. Prayers and good vibes are desperately needed, y'all! I'm so worried that something terrible will happen and we'll lose her before she can get the help she needs to possibly get better. (Odds of her getting completely better are slim, I know, but we're not ready to let her go yet. I want her to be able to be around to see these girls be adopted, for one thing.)

Her kids are still here with us. It's been 3 weeks as of last Thursday, and I'm ready for them to go home. I love them dearly, but they aren't my kids and I've got enough to deal with already. Don't get me wrong, I will help out and take care of them as long as I'm needed. I do it because I love my Mother-in-law. Doesn't mean I have to like it though.

NOW...moving on...looks like finally something else is happening with the adoption process. We have a caseworker coming out to the house on Thursday for the home assessment. Which means I will be cleaning like a mad lady over the next couple of days. There is a problem, though. A few days ago the ceiling in Des' room starting leaking. Turns out a hot water heater from another apartment was leaking and traveled down to our place. (didn't come from directly upstairs either, go figure.) So right now there's a giant hole in the ceiling where the maintenance man cut out sheetrock, and there's a nasty smell in the room now. I'm guessing they're gonna have to pull up the carpet in her room now and replace it. I am going to talk to the manager after I pick the kids up from school and let her know we're having the home assessment done on Thursday, so they need to get people here to fix this shit a.s.a.p. We can't even let Destiny sleep in her room right now, much less play in it because it stinks so badly. I hope this doesn't cause problems with things as far as the adoption goings on.

That's the major news in my life right now....I'm just taking it day by day, trying to hold on to my sanity.


SignGurl said...

Keep your chin up if you can. You are such a good person.

I'm saying prayers for Mr. KB's mom and you family.

The Real Kidd said...

Girl I’ve been thinking about you. You have so much on your plate right now. ((hug)) You and your family have my thoughts and prayers.

Chris said...

Oh honey, I'm sending good vibes, positive thoughts, prayers and anything else I can hurl your way that is good.

It is a shame that in this country, we have people that need medicine and surgery, but because of insurance problems, they are not getting the help they need. It really makes me angry.

Huge hugs for you sweetie .

Monica said...

I need to ask..the day she was found in the sink after passing out? Did they take her in...that happened with an older gentleman from the church and it was a mini-stroke...geez, it seems everyone is having them.

Each comment is a specific prayer...and each click that brings me into your blog whether I comment or not is an added prayer...thinking of you. :)

MamaKBear said...

Signgurl: Thank you! I'm really trying to, believe me. I gotta stay strong for my family. Thanks for the prayers, it means a lot to me!

Kidd: Thank you sweetie! Yeah, my plate is about overflowing these days, ain't it?

Chris: I know, it pisses me off too! As great as America is, the health care situation just bites the big one. Thank you for the good mojo!

Monica: I hadn't thought of that...but just asked hubby and he said she's been to the doctor since then and they ran (more!) tests to check things out. Thank you so much for the prayers and your support!

Mel Chickk said...

Wow! You do have your hands full. I hope things can get moving for your mother in law's care.

Congrats on the adoption progress but I know its hard to celebrate when you are so worried. As far as the home assesment, I realize you need to put your best foot forward, but what happened is not your fault. Thing like this happen, its life. Hopefully the person doing the assesment will grade you on how you deal with the hole in your ceiling instead of the fact that there is a hole in your ceiling.

Keeping good thoughts!

MrsCoach2U said...

Thinking of you up here in Northeast Oklahoma!