Thursday, July 20, 2006

It Really IS Amazing...

How much Meghan has grown and changed since the day we brought her home from the hospital! I got to thinking that the pic from last year I threw in with this year's really doesn't show I decided to make a post of pictures from the very first day we ever saw her so you can really see for yourselves! LOL This should keep me busy for awhile!

This is MrKB holding Meghan at the hospital on the day we got to see her for the first time. She's not quite 3 weeks old here.

This one was taken the evening of the day we brought her home from the hospital...3 weeks old and still so tiny!

Meghan at 2 months old.

Meghan at 3 months old.

Meghan at 4 months...this is one of my all time favorite pictures of her.

Meghan at 5 months....gettin' big! :)
Meghan at 7 months...don't she look pretty?
Meghan at 8.5 months...this one was taken on Destiny's 3rd birthday.
Meghan at 10 months old, and the first time she really got sick...poor thing was miserable!
I think she's 10 months old in this one too...if I remember correctly, we took it after she got better.
Easter portrait...taken on her 1st birthday. :)
With Mommy at her 1st Birthday party. Hmmm...looking at these pics now, it seems her hair turned blonde somewhere between 10 months and a year old.

This one was taken just a couple days ago. This is her feeding herself with a spoon for the very first time. 15 months old!
Last one, I promise! Took this one just a few minutes ago...not the greatest picture since I couldn't get her to be still! Had to snap it while she was on the run. Man, she's grown!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Picture Post :) (FINALLY!!)

Some friends of ours came over Friday evening to visit (*gasp* ADULT company!!) and it was miserably hot and humid so we decided to go to the pool here in our complex. It was the first time since the pool opened that we actually went, and boy did it feel great! I took the camera with me since the girls hadn't been since last summer. Meghan was only a couple of months old then, and Destiny was scared.

This year, Meghan is 15 months old (as of the 13th!) and she loves playing in the tub, but she wasn't too sure about swimming. She was kinda tired, though, maybe if we take her when she's at her most alert she'd have more fun. Destiny is 3 1/2 now, and she was scared at first...I suppose all that water is kinda intimidating to a kid her age. She had on a life jacket, of course, and if we let go of her she just would tip over backwards or even sideways! Kinda funny, but only scared her even more. The problem was she wasn't moving her arms and legs at all. Once we got her to really get her legs kicking and use her arms too, she actually swam and started having fun! I was so proud of her! :)

So, without further ado, here are the few pictures I did manage to get, with minimal editing. (I had to lighten a couple and remove red eye in at least one.)

Daddy and Destiny...of course she WOULD close her eyes just as I snapped the picture! This was taken when she was still tipping over if we let go of her. LOL

Destiny with our friends in the background. She was practicing swimming on her back in this one. Once she finally caught on to what we were telling her, she did really well going forwards on her belly. I would walk backwards in front of her, staying just out of her reach....she went back and forth across the pool all on her own steam. (and a little encouragement from Mommy!

Couldn't get these last three arranged quite how I wanted them...The one with Meghan in a car seat is a pic from last summer when she went to the pool for the first time ever. It's actually the same swimsuit too! She's 3 months old in that pic...wanted to post it so you could see how much she's grown in a year.

Pics above are of Meghan and my friend, and of Meghan and can see she's not too sure about the swimming thing!

Hope you enjoyed them...sorry it's not that many, but it took FOREVER just to get these up!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ughhhh...Stupid Blogger!

We took the girls swimming last night for the first time this summer, and I took a few pictures I wanted to share with y'all, but Blogger ain't lettin' me!

I will try again later!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


First, I had to turn of the anonymous comment option....I rarely ever had spam, and between yesterday and today I got 8 spam comments! Annoyed the hell out of me, so I did what I had to do.

This morning my MIL brought her kids over for me to watch while she went to work today. Before she left we were talking about the paperwork that we got to fill out...she adopted the two oldest kids that belong to my BIL, if you remember. Well, apparently she didn't have to do this stuff. The lawyer took care of ALL the paperwork, and all she had to do was go down to his office to sign things when it was all together.

Like I said is the EXACT same paperwork we did when all this started. Makes no sense to me...why put us through it again when they have all the information they need already?? We're going to contact our lawyer that we've been talking to on and off about this case and see what he has to say. I'm betting he's gonna have a cow when he hears how our caseworker has been handling things!

Wish us luck....and by the way, I can't believe not one single person commented on the last post! That was BIG news! *sniff* and nobody cared?!?

*edit* Thank you Mamamel for your comment! It came while I was typing this post! Y' Mamamel...she is another foster parent I came across through MrsCoach's blog. :) (sorry I will link later!)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Adoption News

Well, we received some paperwork in the mail finally! But it's not what we were quite's an "Application for Adoption". It's basically the SAME stuff we had to do to become foster parents of the girls in the first place. Literally, the SAME stuff, only some of the wording has been changed.

So now we have to fill this out. Stuff about health, work history, background checks, that kinda thing. Also have to get physicals done again at the doctor's office. After that someone will come out to our house to do a "home assessment" AGAIN.

I'm not worried about any of it...I know we passed everything once, we will again. It just seems kinda silly when they could just pull up the records from when we did all this in the first place. Unnecessary paperwork, I suppose is how I feel about it. BUT, it's a start...this will get the ball rolling to where we want to be, and that's to be the legal, official, PARENTS of Destiny and Meghan!

I'll be glad when it's all over!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Ch-ch-ch Changes whaddya think?? I'm not completely sure yet if I'll keep this template or not...I have another that I tried right before this one that I'm considering using too. I do like this one though, and I AM a Sagittarius. Also was pretty cool that it's got my favorite color as the base color.

I don't particularly like the black font. I wish I knew how to change it to maybe a deep purple color that would blend in more with the rest of the template. Anybody know how to help with that?

When I decide for sure which of the two templates I like better, I will get my blogroll and stuff put back in the sidebar. Yes, I backed up my old all I'll have to do is copy the links from there.

Anyway...I'm pretty much over my cold...Yay! MrKB thinks he may have it now though, and Meghan has had a bit of a runny stuff. My mood has also been a bit better. Guess not feeling good made me cranky!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm a Bit Better...

I still have this nasty cold. Spent most of yesterday sleeping off and on, and ended up in bed for the night at midnight. MIDNIGHT, people! This is early for me...I'm usually up with Meghan until around 2am, then I spend some quiet time at the puter or whatever until I'm tired enough to go to sleep.

What makes this cold more of a pain is the fact that we are broke until payday, and I have no Nyquil or Dayquil or anything for my sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, (slight) fever. Bleh. I went through so many kleenex yesterday I should buy stock! And of course, now my nose is sore.

But, at least it's not strep throat like hubby had a few weeks ago. I hate being sick, but I hate being sick with a sore throat even more! I haven't been sick in maybe two years, so I guess it was overdue. Could be worse! I do kinda wish the kids weren't here...I've only been up for a couple of hours and already I just want to go back to sleep! I'm not so sick though that I can't take care of them. It's just more exhausting than usual. Maybe tomorrow my MIL will keep them overnight so I can really get some rest.

Sorry about the bummer post yesterday...I was feeling down and had to vent. I usually really enjoy the 4th of July! It is one of my top 3 holidays for sure. This year's was just bleh for me. Maybe next year we'll actually get to be at the lake and do the things we used to do before going on the road. I SO need a week at the lake! Seriously...NEED it! Nothing to do but relax with nature and fish all day long. Though if we take the kids with us, it probably wouldn't all be relaxing. Hubby has vacation scheduled for the first week of September. Maybe we'll go then. Need to start getting stuff together now though. We have NO camping equipment anymore since it all got stolen and have to replace everything. If anyone has anything they don't use anymore, donations will be accepted! Hehehe...

Nothing much else going on...still no is endlessly aggravating. I should clean my house since it's been neglected the last couple of days, ain't going anywhere!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Don't Know What to Call This Post and I Don't Really Care

I am in a blah mood. July 4th is usually one of my very favorite holidays out of the year. But this year it was just another day.

We used to go camping every year for the weekend out at Lake Texoma. Obviously didn't do that this that depressed me 'cuz I felt all weekend I should be out at the lake camping and fishing.

Then, all week I'd been looking forward to at LEAST taking the girls out to the park where they have a big festival all day and a fireworks show at night. We didn't take them last year because they were still pretty small. But, wouldn't you know...the day finally arrives, and I AM SICK!! I have a summertime cold nose is either stuffed up or running and my head is just all...I dunno..."foggy"...and I just plain don't feel good. I ended up sleeping most of the day. Thankfully hubby was off of work for the day, so he let me rest and he took care of the kids.


Have I mentioned to y'all that my 13 yr old stepdaughter is visiting?? She was here over the weekend, and will be here tomorrow for the day. We were going to go swimming in the pool, and we got all ready to go, put sunscreen on Des and Meghan, only to get to the pool and find out that it was closed! Bummer. I'm gonna have to take pics when I do get them to the pool. Last year Meghan was only 3 months old and wasn't all that impressed. This year I think she will be a lot more interested in it...she loves to splash the water in the bathtub, so who knows?

We are STILL waiting on the adoption paperwork to arrive in the mail. I'm getting sooo tired of all the delays and excuses the caseworker comes up with. Just get it freakin' done already you stupid bitch! Get these kids OUT of the goddamn system so they can live a normal life!!

Sigh....I think I need to go back to bed.