Sunday, December 11, 2005

It's Been a Long Weekend...

So...MrKB went and picked up Andy on Saturday morning. Then he went and picked up my niece and nephew (MIL's kids)...they were going to spend the night at our house, since MIL kept our girls for the night on my bday. (Sat. was MIL's bday).
I don't know what the hell was wrong with these kids this weekend. They have drove both me and MrKB nuts! Andy has gone home now, but the other two are still here and my niece keeps complaining she is bored. Argh....

Destiny was a little brat all day yesterday after the kids got here. She got in trouble I don't know how many times! Just general not minding, doing stuff she knows she's not supposed to, that kinda thing. Even Andy got in trouble a couple of times!

This morning MrKB woke me up saying "Help! These kids are driving me nuts!" I got up and my nephew was in time out...apparently he'd been beating up on both his sister and Andy. I don't know what's got into him lately either...he thinks he's slick too, that we have no clue what he's up to. When he's lying, he's got a dead give away...he'll reach up and scratch his head, EVERY TIME! Like he's thinking hard on what to say.

I've had very little patience this weekend. Usually I'm a lot more patient with the kids...must be PMS, I dunno. All I know is I was ready for these kids to GO HOME!! My in-laws didn't come to pick them up until damn near 7pm, and they'd been here since around noon yesterday. I kinda felt taken advantage of, really. My girls didn't stay at her house that long on my birthday...we didn't even take them over there until in the evening and MrKB picked them up by 2 in the afternoon the next day.

Sigh....I'm probably just tired.
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Midwestern City Boy said...

Kids can be quite a load sometimes. But they can also do the cutest things. You are not alone. I have known some who always appeared to be well behaved but not either of ours. Even when they are teenagers, they have bad days. Still, kids are the best.

MamaKBear said...

MCB: Thanks, sweetie...I'm feeling better now that everyone else is asleep and I just got out of a nice soak in the tub. I just needed some peace and quiet! LOL...this weekend definitely made me realize that as much as I love kids, I DON'T want 5 of them!! 3 is gonna be plenty.

SignGurl said...

Just know that when you throw other kids that are not yours into the mix, things get crazy. I am always relieved to have other kids go home. You are totally normal.

Your MIL did take advantage of you. I would give her your kids for 36 hours next time, hehehehe!

Monica said...

sometimes you just need a break...any chance of a weekend getaway for you and Mr. K?

lecram sinun said...

Perhaps there's something in the air... my students are bouncing off the walls today as well!

ty bluesmith said...

i got two lil maniacs for sale, cheap

kellywalters said...

kids suck.

the end

snavy said...

My kid's are very wild and loud - always!! I keep ear plugs handy at all times - lol!!

I too am a saphire.

Jillian said...

Kids are a lot of hard work. Take a nice hot bath and breath deeply!