Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm Alive

So....Hi! I know I haven't been the best blogger lately. There's just not much to blog about, really.

Went out to the casino Friday night while Grandma kept the kids. Didn't win anything...I take that back, I did get $300 off of a quarter machine, but we played it all back since we didn't have to worry about leaving at a certain time. It was fun, though, and that night it seemed to be a family affair...we ran into two sets of Aunts and Uncles out there, which was kinda funny, since we never see anyone we know.

Saturday we had my niece and nephew over for the night. They were pretty good, but still get on my nerves since they just complain about being bored. I'm sorry, you ain't gonna come to my house and just veg in front of the TV or play freakin' video games all day long. Kids today don't know how to entertain themselves if they're not doing one of those two things. GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY for God's sake!! Maybe then you wouldn't keep gaining so much weight your Mom has to buy clothes every month. Sheesh... Not that these kids are obese or anything like that, but if they keep eating like they do and not doing anything active, they will be.

Sunday they were here all day long. I was ready for them to go home, lemme tell ya. But MrKB told Mom we'd take them for both Friday AND Saturday night next weekend. This is because she's watched our girls so much lately (which really hasn't been THAT much!)...yeah...I'm looking forward to that. NOT.

Monday I had to get up early and take Meghan in for a 9am appointment with the Child Study Center. This place is for infants and small children who were exposed to alcohol or substance abuse prenatally. They evaluate their development and growth. Meghan is doing fine. She was exposed to marijuana in the first trimester, but after that the bio Mom stayed clean...at least for this pregnancy. All of the other kids, including Destiny, have developmental problems now. Destiny is small for her age, and is having speech problems...she also does not comprehend things well. I can't get her to understand the difference between "quieter" and "louder", for example, no matter how many times I've tried. Can't get her to understand "same" and "different" yet either. She doesn't quite get "Yes" and "No" even. You ask her a question, and most times she'll just answer "Yes"...even to stuff you KNOW she should say "No" about.

Yeah, Destiny is quite the challenge. I worry how she's going to do in school. I don't want it to be difficult for her...especially the youngest grades. They were really easy for me...it wasn't until around 6th grade that it really got hard. I don't want her to be struggling from the beginning and then just not want to give the effort in the later grades. I guess we'll see how she does when the time comes. I am going to see about getting her into an Early Head Start program. For the normal Head Start, a child has to be 4 years old. She won't be 4 until December 31st!

Anyway...not a lot going on with me, really. I got my hair cut last night...first time in a long time since it's been cut. Looks a lot better now, and it's shoulder length...meaning I got about 6 inches cut off. You might get to see pictures later, if I ever get my new camera hooked up to the computer!

Geez, I'm boring...sorry about that...in kind of a blah mood today too.

Oh, couple more things...Meghan will be one year old the day after tomorrow! Since it's on a weekday, we'll probably have a birthday party this coming weekend...but then my MIL reminded me that it's Easter weekend, so we might wait until next weekend so people will be in town. We will be in Enid on Easter Sunday at my grandparents'.

Speaking of Easter, I bought a couple of egg-coloring kits last night when I went to WalMart...and some Easter cookies. Just a couple of things I can do with Destiny. I loved coloring Easter eggs when I was a kid. I hope I can have a good time attempting to color eggs with Des. When we did Christmas cookies, I ended up getting upset with her. I don't want that to happen this time.

Meghan's bottom two teeth are FINALLY coming in!! They have broken through and aren't in very far, but they're definitely there. It's about time!

That's it for now...on to the exciting world of cleaning house!


Puffin said...

I know plenty of people who didn't get elemantarty school but figured it all out in Junior high and high school. I wouldnt' worry to much if she doesn't like elemantary school....She's onely 3? You still have a long way to go...I think as long as you read to her( at least once a day) she pick things up just fine.

212designs said...

i have the same problem with talon sometimes mama..

i am quick to get sharp or frustrated and afterwards i realize it wasn't necc. at all

and then i am left with the guilt....

so here's what i have figured out that helps alot...

i stop having expectations for the results.


is the importance to have perfectly dyed eggs,...?
or to let Des learn about playing with colors, and giggling as she stains her hands over and over until they are brown?

laugh at her, laugh at yourself,
screw the eggs. lol

we dye them to throw them in the street,... no lie. ;)

then when you are cleaning up you will be laughing yourself stupid and not feeling bad because you yelled when she spilled something,..

the experience,.. not the results.
well at least it has heped here. lol

Ryan said...

i so feel ya i havent been doing a good job on my blog either.

miss_lissa said...

I love coloring eggs!! have fun with that and ahem... no pics of the haircut??? that should be your HNT this week girl unless you have other plans. :P
As for the development and the yes and no.. *sigh* I hear ya. My youngest has a bit of a disability. Nothing major but it is slightly noticable so they want to asess her and we're now in the loooooong process of wait lists for the child psychologist, speech therapist (altho she's been there a few times) physio therapist and occupational therapist.
I think thats the whole lot of em. lol
So.. the thing I've learned with her is, each in their own time and encourage them where they're at. We all want the best for our children but sometimes we have to remember that the beautiful, special, god has a grand design child has a different level of "best"

Hope everything goes well in that regard. Keep us updated.

& as for the blog, meh.. I've been neglecting mine too .. for good reason but lol havent posted in a while too.
K, l8r..

Clarity25 said...

I hope you have a great easter, It's so much more fun when you have children to celebrate wtih.

as for keeping up with your blog. I think we all have times like that. Sometimes there's nothing to say and other times there just isn't the time.

I enjoy reading your journal though and I don't leave comments as often as I'd like.

Have a good week:)

Chris said...

I worked in the Early Childhood Education program here, and let me tell you, it can make all the difference in the world. The class size is usually way smaller so each child gets exactly what they need. She will be great, after all, she has you for a Mom. Have fun baking cookies & coloring eggs honey.

lesbopatticakes said...

insist that she get in as a special needs child, you have the documentation to help you. It not only helps her but you, often there is a parent part to it that helps you work with the kids and find out yours aren't the only ones that drive parents crazy. Enjoy easter I love the holidays with babies

MrsCoach2U said...

The fact that you see she is having difficulties shows just how lucky she is to have you. So many parent's don't pay any attention to the little ones. Our oldest about never learned the difference in yesterday/tomorrow but now is in 2nd grade and reads on a 4th grade level and has excellant grades. We just kept working with him. Best to remember that just b/c you understand it doesn't mean they should, I find myself upset that Nati isn't picking up stuff as fast as Bryce did but she again can match clothes and he can spell it! Everyone is different!!!