Friday, March 02, 2007

Checkin' In!

Not a whole lot going on around here, really. Last night around 2:30am I ended up taking Meghan to the ER. She has a very bad case of pinkeye. UGH! I wasn't going to make the ER trip, but it started out as some yucky gook coming from her eye in the late afternoon/early evening and just worsened from there. I was planning on getting her in to see the regular doctor so I could get meds to treat it with, but she went to sleep for maybe an hour and woke up just screaming and crying, and the eye was badly swollen...looked like she'd been punched or something! So, off to the ER we went. She was not cooperative there at all. I've had to take her in before, but she's always been great. This time she didn't want anything to do with ANYBODY there. Poor guy working triage had a hell of a time getting an oxygen level reading! She screamed and cried the whole time we were there just about...I bet people could hear her throughout the floor!

I have an antibiotic cream for her now that I'm supposed to put in her eye every 3 hours. Fun, huh?? Yeah, I know!

We have an appointment on Wednesday morning to meet with our adoption lawyer. This will really get the ball rolling in the right direction!! Wish us luck that it all goes well!

I'm sorry I haven't been doing so well posting regularly. I have a new addiction! I discovered a VERY cool site, where you can watch a 24/7 LIVE feed of an African watering hole in South Africa. I have the camera open on my computer constantly when I'm awake, so I don't miss anything. I've been watching since around Valentine's Day, and so far I've seen Waterbuck, White-Tailed Mongoose, Elephant, Saddle Billed Stork, Southern Ground Hornbill, Wildebeest, Impala, Giraffe, White Rhino, Spotted Hyena, Black-backed Jackal, Zebra, Hippo, Vervet Monkey, and Baboon...not to mention many other birds!

I'm still waiting to see many more animals, especially any big cats! Apparently, back on Christmas Day '06, a group of lions made a kill right by the watering hole (they got a Cape Buffalo) and spent the next 3 days hanging around! Wish I'd known about the site then. Anyway, it's been quite an experience to be able to see these animals live in Africa while I sit in Oklahoma at my computer! (As I type this I can hear the Hyena calling!) The camera is run by the Nkorho Lodge, which shares a fenceless border with the Kruger National Park in South Africa. If you want to check it out for yourself, go here, and to view the cam I watch all the time, click on "Nkorho Stream". There are also several other cameras set up in various places, but they run on still shots updated every minute or so.

I also spend time on the forums, discussing with other cammers what we see and hear. I shouldn't be hard to find if you go looking! :) Hope to see you there!


Burg said...

I saw a bug. Oh..and some grass.. And a few people off in the distance. I got bored. You must have way more patience than I do.

MamaKBear said...

LOL...not so much having more patience, than I have it running all the time when I'm online, and keep the volume up some. I'll have other windows open while I do other stuff, like play games at Pogo,enter sweepstakes, or just whatever.

Keeping an eye on the chat in the forum helps...when something happens, the posts increase dramatically. I get bored when it's slow too, so I find other stuff to do. LOL Watching Zebras there right's 8am in SA, midnight in OK.

You gotta admit though, it is a pretty cool thing! :)

.. Dallas Meow >^^ said...

quarter past mignight, zebras just left.
pretty awesome blossom.
but the incessant chirping got to me quickly.
wonder what activates the cameras to move? just motion sensor? and what they are mounted on?
most interesting.

thanks for sharing.

MamaKBear said...

12:30am Wildebeests down at the old watering hole as I type! :)

During the daylight hours in South Africa there are employees of the Nkorho Lodge that operate the controls from time to time. Generally, after 11pm their time it is in night mode, and it has infrared that allows us to see the animals that come by without using light that is visible to them. At night is when the Hyenas and Jackals are out and about usually.

Yeah...the birds during the day can get on your nerves after awhile, but if you watch through Windows Media Player, like I do, you can turn the sound down or off without turning off all your computer sounds. (It's the crickets that get to me!! LOL)

To watch through WMP, open your player and click on file, then "open URL" and use this link: mms://

Sorry, I don't know how to put proper links in comments. Just copy and paste. I also saved that link to a wordpad file so I don't lose it when clearing my cookies and such. ENJOY!!

Katie McKenna said...

I saw the lions making that kill during the holidays. The lions were beautiful. I used to watch it everyday here... I love wild life and I enjoyed seeing them in their natural setting . I started watching the water hole a few years ago. It ( as you know! ) can be addicting!

MamaKBear said...

Aww, and you didn't mention that place to me sooner?!? MAN!

The big cats are my favorites and I can't wait to see some! I get so excited every time I see something I hadn't yet, and will holler at MrKB to come see...he's just not as into it as I am, and he'll say something like "Yep, they look just like they do in the zoo." *shakes head* That man of mine, I swear...actually I think he does enjoy seeing them too, just doesn't understand my addiction!

Katie McKenna said...

LOL...The link was on my blog for 9 months or more ! I just recently took it off.

lol@zoo! I love the big cats! And the zebras... ok.. most all wildlife but especially the cats!

Hope the babies are doing good!

Mel Chickk said...

Okay, like I didn't spend enough time already on the computer! Sheesh!

I cant tell if what I am hearing is wind or thunder. I kind of like all the chirping but then I've just started. I cant wait to see something.

Very, very cool!

MamaKBear said...

Hey! You're on there at the same time I am!

Not the greatest view at the moment...just wait til it's daylight in South Africa again.

That's the wind you're hearing, I do's been a windy last couple of days there. Saw a couple of Lions down by the watering hole the night before last night...haven't seen any animals down there since. (Zebras, Wildebeests, and Impala have been around, just not to the hole) May see some real action before too long!