Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm Boycotting "American Girl" After Reading This!

I came across a link to this post while browsing the forums of OLS, a sweepstakes community.

A 6 year old girl took her beloved doll, that she'd purchased with her OWN money from Target, to the American Girl Place to have the doll's hair styled. The stylist treated this little girl like shit, and refused to style the doll's hair, saying the doll was "not a real doll". WTF???

Read the post by this little girl's Mom on the subject HERE. I'm just appalled at how this child was treated, and my girls will NEVER be getting anything from American Girl!


Fidget said...

people are stupid. people should be taught how to be less stupid when representing a company like American Girl. I hope they apologize to that child and send her doll Gracie every outfit and accessory under the sun

Mel Chickk said...

Wow, that was really horrible. It broke my heart.

R's friend, Spoiled Girl, has quite a few of these dolls. Big surprise, huh?

Shannon said...

That is terrible!! People are very stupid!
I went on the website, I can't believe the dolls cost that much! $87.00??? CRAZY!

Burg said...

I've never even heard of those dolls, so it's no big loss to me.. It's sad how they treated the little girl though.. That stylist should be kicked to the curb.