Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Does anyone besides me have a husband who is constantly shoving his money in the same pocket he keeps his car keys in? My husband does this, and I don't know how many freakin' times I've told him NOT to do it, because inevitably money gets lost when keys get pulled out. Maybe not every day, but it has happened more than once. Well, tonight it was the mother of all the times he's lost money this way...usually it's not more than 20 or so bucks, but tonight it was ALL OF OUR RENT MONEY!!! 575 FREAKIN' DOLLARS!!!!!!! GAWD!!

I'm so pissed...Of course he felt bad enough already, but you know I HAD to tell him that I've told him OVER AND OVER not to keep money and keys in the same pocket! I don't, and I've NEVER lost money. (I hate purses...in true redneck woman fashion, I keep my money and keys in my jeans pockets..but not the same one.)


A few years ago, before I went on the road with MrKB one of my puter hobbies was making stuff on Paint Shop Pro. I had lots of cool lil things I'd made, siggies and such. But unfortunately I don't have them anymore 'cuz they were on my old puter and it was stolen along with all my software, and therefore my Paint Shop Pro. A couple days ago I decided to make a visit to my old MSN group where I did most of my learning how to make stuff just to see if it was still in operation. It is and I've rejoined, now all I gotta do is get the PSP proggie again and see if I can remember how it works! LOL

One of the members there made me the siggie that is at the top of my post...it was supposed to go here, but didn't work out that way. Oh well, ain't it pretty?? Boy I miss making those. By the way, if y'all wondered what the KBear in my name was, it's because I collect koala bears...it's my favorite animal, and I even have a tattoo of a koala on my left thigh just below my bikini line. My Mom always told me to never get a tat, so when I got it I wasn't gonna show her, but I did, and she said "Ohhh that's so cute! And so YOU!" LOL I think she was glad I got it in a place that's easily covered up too.


MrsCoach2U said...

How awful! I'm always doing stupid stuff like that so I feel for him. I paid the car payment twice last month and over-drew the checking account. I basically threw money away in over-draft charges.

Redneck Diva said...

OH NO!! Mr. Diva does that too! Once he dropped a hundred dollar bill at the casino - how in the world no one saw it and snatched it up before he found it, I'll never know!! Oy!! I carry a purse when I'm going to Wal*Mart, the mall, etc, but when I'm just running to the store, the casino, whatever I stuff everything in my pockets - but like you, oh wise MamaK, the keys and money are separate!! It's just common sense!!

Redneck Diva said...

Oh yeah, forgot to comment on the tattoo:

My first one was just above my left breast. Although DivaMom wasn't happy about it, I guess she figured it wasn't going to show so she didn't say too much. The next one went on my back and again, although she sniffed in disdain, she didn't say much. But my third is on the top of my foot and SHE FREAKED. Told me I could never wear dress shoes to a job interview and oh my gosh, what if my papa sees it and how trashy and oh you can only imagine the maternal guilt she threw.

Eh. Didn't bother me too much, although I am careful what shoes I wear around Papa still, lol. I'm just not ready for that lecture. :D