Monday, October 17, 2005

Just Another Manic Monday

Hey y'all!

My back is much better today, thanks for asking! LOL I may actually be able to clean my house tomorrow....I definitely need to finish laundry that I started the day I threw my back out. I had a load of jeans in the dryer and a load of colors in the washer...asked Mr.KB if he would PLEASE get the jeans out of the dryer and put the other load in so I wouldn't get mildewed clothes. I didn't even care if he put them up or not, but do you think he did that??? Not only no, but HELL NO!! Geez...Believe me, I chewed him out for it. I haven't checked, but I could bet money that my clothes are all mildew smelling now, and that was the whole point of asking him to do that for me.

Anyway, today we went to our counseling appointment w/ our 5 yr old. I think it went pretty well. Before we left I mentioned to the counselor about our caseworker wanting us to take the therapeutic foster care classes (because she is wanting us to take them through their company). The counselor seemed surprised and said basically that she didn't think it was necessary for us to take them. She said that if her company or any other organization that she knows of had us go thru the training, that they would expect us to take on other special needs foster children. At this point in time we aren't interested in doing that. Not that we don't want to, we just have a lot on our plates just going thru what we have in trying to get our nieces and nephew in our home and adopted..

After counseling we went to my mom-in-law's to pick up the girls, then out to eat at Golden Corral again. When we got to our table, the one behind us someone had just left recently...they left a hell of a mess, including a red drink that a kid must have spilled. There was red drink and ice all over the table, the floor, the high chair...lots of food on the floor, table, etc...and these people had the nerve to leave the waitress a measly ONE DOLLAR tip! That's just sad. We never leave a mess like that when we go to a restaurant, I just can't do it. I'm always putting all our silverware and napkins and stuff on plates and I stack them up so they can just pick them up, and I WIPE UP SPILLS!! I had a waitress once tell us we were too neat! Leaving a mess is one thing, but at least tip better than a freakin' dollar! Or if that just happened to be your last dollar, at least apologize to the waitress for the mess and promise you'll make it up to her the next time you're there. Stuff like that just bugs the hell out of me, and I've never been a waitress!

So, that off my chest! After dinner, we went to Target (just cuz it was closer to the restaurant than WalMart) so I could get some decent speakers for my computer, and I got a new mousepad that has a gel wrist rest attached to it. I have carpal tunnel from all the time I used to spend on the computer a few years ago and it sucks. I have to stop typing every now and then while I'm blogging because it bothers me. I deal with it though. The speakers I had before were lil cheap ass things, but at least I had some sound. Just I had the volume all the way up on the volume control on the puter and they still weren't very loud at all. Sometimes I had to put my ear right next to one of them to hear things. these new ones are a bit bigger and have their own volume control. Much better! :)

Hope everyone's week has started off pretty good. Hope my life so far hasn't bored ya to tears!
'Til next time...


Redneck Diva said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Laundry hint: If the clothes sour in the washer, run them again with about a cup of ammonia. No detergent necessary, just the ammonia. It'll sweeten them back up and all will be right with the world once more! Trust me, I use this a lot, lol.

MamaKBear said...

Thanks for the tip Diva! Somehow, I knew you'd understand! :)

MrsCoach2U said...

Wish I had a washing machine that just made the clothes sour smelling. Mine caught fire last night and my clothes smell like smoke.

Anonymous said...

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