Sunday, October 16, 2005

Still Recovering :(

Amazing how one second or two of hurting yourself can take days or weeks to heal from...oh well, at least I can sit at my puter without it bothering me too much.
Nothing much goin' on so far today. MrKB let me sleep in while he got the girls up, fed, and dressed. Baby girl is sleeping now. She's got to where when she gets tired, she will cry and fuss and then when you try to lay her down so she can go to sleep she just fights it like she's gonna miss something important if she sleeps. Eventually though, sleep wins.

Yesterday we had our weekly visit with our 5 yr old. It went pretty good, except for our van breaking down. After MrKB had picked him up they came back here then we all went out for lunch at Golden Corral. I needed to get some stuff from WalMart, so we headed that way. Well, between the restaurant and WalMart the van started acting funny, like it wasn't getting power. We got parked and hubby killed the van then it wouldn't start again. Ended up calling my Dad for help and he came out to jump start us. It's looking like the alternator went out. :( Luckily my parents have an extra vehicle we can borrow so MrKB can get to work until we can get the van going again.

We'd been planning to take the kids to the park, but that incident kinda shot that all to hell. I'll be glad when we finally get our lil boy in our home for good. These visits are a pain in the ass...right now he lives in a city it takes a half hour to get to, and we only get him for part of the day. He hates it when it's time to go back, he seems ready to stay with us permanently, but DHS is dragging their feet on getting him here. We've done everything we're supposed to do, but the case worker keeps coming up with more and more stuff for us to do before she places him with us. NOW she wants us to take therapeutic foster care classes on top of the regular ones we finished in JULY. Why couldn't she have asked us to take them back then?!? Noooo, she waits until now to tell us. He was supposed to have been placed in our home by the end of July, and here it is the middle of October.
I was really hoping to have him before school started so we wouldn't have to put him through changing schools and all that drama. Sigh...

We are considering going ahead and starting the adoption process on our two girls now instead of waiting until they're all in our home. That way we'll have DHS out of the picture as far as they go. The sooner the better.

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