Tuesday, October 25, 2005

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Not feeling very creative again today...really not much news either. I spent most of the day cleaning my house, ooooo how exciting!! NOT. So I thought I would tell a little about myself by listing some of my favorite things. Here I go...

Favorite Drink: Coke Classic (I'm hopelessly addicted!)
Favorite Food: at the moment it's Fettucine Alfredo w/ chicken and broccoli
Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster
Favorite Movie: Legends of the Fall
Favorite Author: Stephen King
Favorite Actor: Brad Pitt (soooo sexy in Troy)
Favorite Actress: Jodie Foster
Favorite TV Show: ER...also love Desperate Housewives
Favorite Color: Purple (MrKB loves me enough he let me paint our bedroom purple!)
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day (got married VDay 1995)
Favorite Book: The Green Mile by Stephen King...or any by him really
Favorite Thing to Do: hit the casinos baby! (winning is a bonus...still love to go)
Favorite Person: My husband
Favorite Hobby: Crosstiching
Favorite Car: '68 or '69 Camaro

That's all I can think of...if ya wanna know more, ask! :)


kaliblue said...

OMG I love E.R. but it's really diff this season. So do you think this is it for them or will they come back next year?. I also have their boxed sets *lol*

MamaKBear said...

kaliblue...OmG can you make copies?? I think I'm in love with Noah Wyle...Wylie?? I was so sad that he's leaving the show...I hope this ain't it, I love it!!

I have the box sets of Friends..LOL

Chicken said...

I watched ER for a long time, but then I started working 2nd shift...so I am WAY out of the loop.

p.s - thanks for your kind comments!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Ooh, ooh, I LOVE ER! I would watch it even if it was ranked #63 every week. Sorry, MamaKBear, but I never liked Dr. Carter and don't miss him. I prefer Luka. He's good, he's bad, he's good, he's bad. I wish the writers would give him a personality. Actually, Abby is my favorite character.

I also love Stephen King. My favorite book is The Stand.

And now for a bit of trivia...I did some of my student-teaching at Brad Pitt's high school: Hillcrest High School in Springfield, MO. He wasn't there, though.

MamaKBear said...

OOooo Yeah, I like Luka too! He's pretty hot!

Carter was one of my favorite characters..he'd been there since the beginning of the show just about.

My fave female ER character is the blond doctor, who took care of her sisters baby girl for awhile (played by Sherry Stringfield)..she left the show then came back. The character's name is escaping me at the moment though..

Awww too bad Brad wasn't there! I especially like him when his hair is long. Mmmmmmm...goood!