Sunday, January 08, 2006

I Know, I Suck... blogging lately. I've got all kinds of things in my head to talk about, and then I sit here and just draw a blank. Does this happen to anyone else?? I've still got nothin' at the moment, but since I finally put them on the computer, I thought I'd post some pictures from Christmas. Anyone mind?? No?? Good, 'cuz even if ya did, I'm posting them anyway, so there!
Andy investigating the goodies in his stocking...and posing happily with his new remote-control truck. I think these are the first pics I've ever posted of Andy. See how short his hair is?? The day before we went to pick him up for his visit he apparently got ahold of some scissors and commenced to cutting his own hair...not just once, but TWICE!! In the SAME day! Now, you KNOW that if he'd done that while in our care that his fosters would've raised hell about it. But that's a rant for another day.
Destiny with her stocking....Notice how there's a different stocking in each of the pics?? That's 'cuz MrKB messed up and gave the kids the wrong stockings. Took a couple minutes to realize his mistake since they got a bit of the same stuff. Figured it out when Andy pulled bracelets out of what he thought was his stocking and looked at them like WTF???
Mommy's favorite present! This was actually taken a couple days after Christmas....we were so busy trying to catch Andy and Destiny opening stuff we didn't get any pictures of Meghan! My Mom and Dad did though...The pic of her in the gift bag would've been perfect, but right there in front of her mouth is the clear hanger thingie attached to the bag from where it hung at the store....damn...wish I'd noticed it before I took the picture!! May try to edit it out later.
This one WAS taken of Meghan at Christmastime...she was all worn out from all that commotion, wrapping paper, and bows, so she fell asleep while PaPa was holding her. And I know, the date says the 23rd...we did Christmas that night at my parents' house.
This last one isn't Christmas's more a "first". This is Meghan in the process of eating one of those baby "Biter Biscuits"...cookie-like thing that smells like graham crackers. It was so cute I had to take a picture! :) Hope you enjoyed seeing these pics!


SignGurl said...

Could those kids get any cuter?

Andy looks all military with his hair like that. Very stylish!

You are making miss my girls being babies. Enjoy them!

goobergirl said...

Wow girl, for someone who didn't know what to write, I sure had a lot to read lol. Those kids are adorable! I so miss xmas with my children. Also, that little pink number is pretty hot! (hnt post)... caio bella!

Aisha T. said...

I LOVE the pics. The kids are just dolls, aren't they? Anyway, as for writing, I decide I don't need to force myself. If I don't have anything to write about, then I probably need the break.

Those are some very lucky kids to have a mom like you :-)

kaliblue said...

I can see why you have to oogle over them all. Every one of the children are the most cutest things ever. :-) Sickening that the parents don't see this. But a blessing for you & MrK. Thanks for sharing ya'll's special time. :-)

Midwestern City Boy said...

You've got plenty of company. It seems like a lot of people have the post holiday blahs.

And the kids are adorable. They must have really enjoyed Christmas. Thanks for posting the photos.

BTW, your HNT picture was a good way to start off the year!

Monica said...

I know I always ask, "do you mind" then do it anyway! Hey, it's YOUR blog!

Take care and have a great week, MamaK!

Chris said...

Very cute pics MommaKbear. I love the one with Meghan in the bag!

MamaKBear said...

Jenn: I don't know, they might!

Goobergrl: I just wish I could sit down and get everything that's in my head out! Thanks! :)

Aisha: I think I probably did need a break. And I'm pretty lucky to be Mom to these kids! :)

Kali: Destiny's not so cute when she's throwing fits! LOL And well, their parents' loss, our gain! :)

MCB: THANKS! :) And thank you for the email, I'll let you know what happens with her.

Monica: You too! :) I'm glad you stop by!

MamaKBear said...

Chris: Thanks sweetie! I think that one and the one with the cookie are my favorites. :)

Acecold said...

Aww....very cute kiddos. Awesome. Love to show mine off too.

I get blogger block all the time, I just get past it by posting something that makes me laugh...anyways that works for me.

thanks for visiting my blog!!


Jillian said...

What wonderful Photos!!!

Thanks for the smile!

MamaKBear said...

Ace: Thank you! Hopefully maybe tomorrow I'll be able to sit here and sort out all these thoughts in my head. I'll keep coming by your place, hope you'll come by here again too! :)

Jill: With the week you've had, I'm honored I could make you smile! Hugs, sweetie! :)

Heather said...

Oh those are the sweetest pictures! Looks like you had a great Christmas! I'm glad, they look like they had tons of fun!

Tiger said...

what a bunch of cutie-pies!! :)