Monday, March 13, 2006

Bill Engvall

...of "Here's your sign" fame...I just LOVE him!!!

I'm watching this:

right now...I've seen it a dozen times already and it STILL cracks me up!

Here's your sign!


Clarity25 said...

I have to check out Bill Engvall now. I could use a good laugh!

I loved your entry dedicated to your hubby for his B-day. It was so beautiful:)

Thanks for your caring note! That really helped! Thank you for reaching out:)

The Humanity Critic said...

That guy is hilarious..

Kimberly said...

I love him too!! Especially when he's with Ron White & Jeff Foxworthy!

Christie said...

hehe, I love the blue collar comedy guys

Ryan said...

im hook on larry the cable guy myself. that funny right there i dont care who u r!!!!!!!

The Real Kidd said...

LMAO! Oh heck yeah! Bill is great! So is Larry! Get R Done!!

Puffin said...

Personally, I think Bill is the funniest of the Blue Collar guys... Not the the others aren't becasure they are...I can't wait for that New Larry the Cable Guy Movie, But Bill does so much Daddy Humor, and being a dad, he's right up my alley!

Monica said...

My daughter loves Larry the Cable Guy but I do think Bill Engvall is my favorite...have a great day, friend.


MamaKBear said...

Clarity: Oh, girl, I bet you could! Bill never fails to make me laugh. I'm here for you anytime, you know that..all you gotta do is email!

Humanity Critic: Yep, he is!

Kimberly: I have both the Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVDs too. Hubby likes Ron White. :)

Christie: Gotta love 'em! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Ryan: LOL Hubby will say that line every time something really makes him laugh. Bet you can't wait for the new Larry movie!

Kidd, Puffin, and Monica: LOL Bill Engvall is definitely my favorite of the Blue Collar guys! I like 'em all, but Bill's my man!