Sunday, March 19, 2006

Moving On...

No, no...I'm not moving on from blogger! Just from my "bad" review. I ain't going anywhere, don't worry. Thanks, y'all, for your reassuring comments that you like my blog just fine the way it means a lot more to me than THEIR opinion.


When I got up out of bed Saturday morning, I came into a living room that looked like a tornado had gone through. It seems my husband decided to rearrange the furniture, and Oh. My. God. what a freakin' mess!! Wish I'd took pictures to show you guys. I hate when he gets like that, 'cuz more often than not, he'll start a project and not finish it for days, or maybe weeks. Drives me nuts!

I asked him if his Chi was off or something, and if he'd decided to do some feng shui. (pronounced fung schway...I found that out when I was checking some stuff out about it...did not know that!) Heather, aren't you proud of me? Thought you might get a kick out of the cartoon I found too. :)

To get it all done and the living room back together, I had to help. SO not how I'd planned to spend my Saturday! It took all day! Gotta say, though, I do like the new arrangement. It really opened the room up and there's more room for baby stuff! Guess it made for a productive Saturday.


Tommy Gunn said...

My mom used to rearrange the furniture once a week when I was growing up. If I came home drunk, I could have hurt myself badly. LOL Glad to hear it worked out though. Take it easy Mama.

SignGurl said...

I just read about those a$$es that didn't like your blog. Screw 'em! You're not doing this for them. I enjoy coming over here and reading about your family. :-)

212designs said...

girly your chi is ALL THAT! lol

i am proud of you though.
your growing
your loving
and your learning...

nothing more important than that.

all my love.

Moosekahl said...

I submitted my blog for a "review", we'll see what they say.

My favorite furniture moving story involves my dad spending most of the winter on the couch with a broken ankle. My mom fed cows every day and checked the heifers day and night for the 2 months he was laid up. Dad laid on the couch in front of the picture window watching and when she came in he always had a "comment" for her about this that or the other thing she did. One night after my sister and I had taken dad into town so he could run the clock at the high school bb game we came home and mom had moved the couch away from the picture window so dad couldn't watch any more. I have always found her sneakiness mindblowing! Dad didn't say another thing about how she did chores :)

Midwestern City Boy said...

I am glad that you're not letting the bad review from I Talk 2 Much get you down.

I hope you had a restful Sunday after all the furniture moving you did on Saturday.

Katie said...

I believe in the value of feng shui . I have an Abundance corner, work my arrangement of "things" to keep the flow moving... opened up my bedroom...etc... My older daughter did her house - with every room another colour representing a particular facet. It was really cool.

You are so much more than you think you are! I'm thankful you are here!

Flygirl said...

I tried to comment on the weekend but blogger wasn't cooperating. Story of my life these days.

Anyway, I was surprised that you actually submitted yourself for their review. Glad you're not taking it personally.

MamaKBear said...

Tommy: I should probably be thankful that MrKB doesn't decide to rearrange the furniture as much as he used to! I swear I used to come home from work every two weeks to a new look.

Jenn: That's right, I'm NOT doing this for them! I'm so glad you come visit! :)

Heather: LOL Thank you! Couldn't help but think of you when all the furniture moving was going on. :)

Moosekahl: Your Mama is a wise woman! Great story! Best of luck on your review! :)

MCB: Takes more than them to get me down! Unfortunately on Sunday I wasn't feeling real well and was also sore all over from the moving stuff. I'm better today though! :)

Possum: I may start looking more into this feng shui stuff. Never thought too much about it before. Did find out my bed is placed correctly though! LOL I'm very glad to have you as a friend! :)

Flygirl: Yeah, blogger's been having issues it seems. I have had problems commenting at a couple places too, and took forever to get that cartoon to post. I wasn't gonna submit my site, but like I said, curiosity got the better of me. I already knew how rough they could be on people, so I didn't have high expectations anyway. At least I didn't get the "negative smacks"! :)

Monica said...

If you get it figured out you should come arrange myself accordingly...maybe it would settle my rowdy kids...hahaha.

Monica said...

arrange myself..that was a freudian was supposed to say arrange my stuff.

The Real Kidd said...

LOL, my ex use to do that stuff. He couldn't go more than maybe 6 months before he was moving things around. Drove me nuts!