Friday, March 10, 2006

Sometimes I Wish I Had a Job to Go To

I'm lucky in the fact that MrKB makes (barely) enough money for us to get by without me having to work. But there's days like this when I'm bored to death that I really wish I had a job. It would at least give me something to do outside of my normal daily routine with the girls.

Yep, I'm bored.

Unfortunately, right now DHS prefers that I stay at home with the kids. I don't mind, really, but sometimes you get to a point where you really crave adult conversations and interaction. It only goes so far with a 3 year old and an almost 1 year old, I'm telling you. Maybe when this is all over and we get the girls adopted I will either go back to school or work. Until then, I'm stuck at home every day doing the same old, same old with the girls. Routine is good, I know, especially for Destiny at the age she is, but damn.

ANYWAY...what to blog about? This weekend is going to be birthday filled. MrKB's birthday is tomorrow, and Andy's is on Sunday. Not sure what we'll end up doing for MrKB's day, but Sunday we'll be going to Andy's birthday party at some place called "Maximum Dodgeball". Yeah....might be a lot of fun (it will be for the kids) but then I might just come home with a massive headache from listening to a bunch of screaming and hollering 6 year olds.

Oh, MrKB didn't end up getting financing for his motorcycle from the other place either. They came back and said there's something on his credit report showing that we owe $40,000 to a bank we used to have an account with back in 2001. FORTY THOUSAND FREAKIN' DOLLARS!!! There is NO fuckin' way. We never took out any loans or anything like that, so we have no idea where this is coming from. So now we gotta get a copy of both our credit reports (I did this online back in September '05, and this was not on there) and see what all is on them. Then we're gonna have to contact this bank and find out what the hell they think we owe them that much money for. We really don't have a clue. If it does for some reason turn out to be a legitimate debt, which I really doubt, then we'll have no choice but to file bankruptcy.

When I got our credit reports online back in September, all that was on them was mostly old medical bills and stuff like that. Damn sure wasn't showing any debt for no $40,000. And what I don't understand is why didn't someone else tell us this before MrKB went and had his credit checked several times trying to get this bike? I know it hurts your credit the more inquiries have been made on it. Sigh.

He's not giving up getting a motorcycle yet, though. He's just not gonna be getting a brand shiny new one like he was wanting. Now he's gonna have to settle for something "new to him" and find one used that he can pay cash for straight up. And yes, we are getting enough back from taxes that he'll be able to do this and he is about giddy with the thought of being able to go up to someone and plop the cash in front of them and say "Here ya go, gimme the key!" LOL I'm not letting him spend the entire tax return on a motorcycle though. I have some major dental work I have to get done (and not looking forward to in the least) and I also want us to be able to go out to the casino and have a REALLY good time just once!

Our family reunion is coming up in April. I can't wait! It's like a mini-vacation for us since his family does reunions for a 4 day weekend, Thursday to Sunday. We won't be able to get there until Friday, but that's okay. It's held every year at Quartz Mountain State Park, which is a beautiful area. I've gotta get my fishing license soon, 'cuz I definitely plan to do some fishing! Also can't wait to see the looks on people's faces when we show up with TWO kids when before we didn't have any. LOL Should be fun!

That's all I've got for now. Y'all have a great weekend!


Miss Lady Ma'am said...

I completely understand about the boredom! My dh has been home for 3 months now and he watches more cartoons than our toddler!

Tommy Gunn said...

Happy Birthday to MrKB and Andy! Good luck with the credit crap. I feel your pain, believe me. Have a great weekend.

Katie said...

lol... and sometimes I wish that I dinna have to go to work. I have so much to do at home, with the horses..with my odd jobs for the many places to go....

Have a lovely weekend! Happy birthday to MrKB!

Midwestern City Boy said...

The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill. Those of us who have to go to work every day wonder what it would be like to not have to get up and go someplace you don't want to be.

Good luch with the credit report thing. Banks can be so obnoxious.

And happy birthday to MrKBear.

yep, it's me.... said...

bored is ok sweetie, cuz you still have that wonderful man at the end of the day