Sunday, December 03, 2006

May be Offline for a few Days...

Thought I better get a post in now before I lose my internet connection temporarily. We decided to wait until next weekend to pay the bill, so we can get some Christmas shopping done. It will probably be cut off either tonight or tomorrow night, which sucks 'cuz it means I won't be able to post or check messages on my birthday Tuesday! :( Bummer. Hopefully will have it back next Saturday.

Probably won't be doing much of anything on my birthday. My Mom will most likely take me out for dinner, but that's about it. Gonna get MrKB to buy me something when we go shopping today though! :)

Man....I drank too much tequila Friday night. I mean seriously, WAY too much. I was beyond drunk. MrKB put it the best...he said I was FUBAR. (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) Yes, I got sick. That hasn't happened in a very long time. Usually I quit long before getting to that point, but nooooo, not that night! Not only did I get sick, but I hurt myself too. Apparently, I fell down several time it seems I fell into the doorframe of our closet in the bedroom and knocked myself out. Either that, or I passed out and fell and hit the doorframe. I have a big ol' knot right behind my ear and my ear itself is very tender to the touch. PLUS, just about the whole right side of my back and my neck is sore as hell. I hurt so bad yesterday that I almost went to the E.R. to get checked out and make sure I didn't break some ribs or something, and to get some pain pills...4 ibuprofens at a time wasn't doing it. I'm still pretty damn sore today, but it's not as bad. I've never actually hurt myself while being drunk before, this is a first. Ain't gonna be drinking like THAT again, for sure! Lesson learned! It's a wonder I wasn't hurt a lot worse. Funny thing was...I didn't have a headache! I never do.'s YOUR weekend going??


Weasie said...

FUBAR! I think I might have to use that one! lol I think everyone deserves to get that way at least once a year. Glad you enjoyed yourself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY a few days early. The 5th is our Anniversary. My mother took us to Delmonicos ( an Italian steakhouse) today. I took advantage of the situation and had the lobster. We probably won't do much on Tuesday either. It's hard during the week especially with kids & a babysitter shortage. HUGS!

Mel Chickk said...

Holy crap! You sure went on a bender, didn't you! LOL

Poor thing, too bad you had to get so hurt in the process. Happy Early Birthday!

See ya next week!

Mel Chickk said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention I love your new look!

Monica said...

oh good, I read your blog yesterday and tried to comment (or was it Friday?) and it wouldn't let me. :(

I'm saying Happy Birthday early in case you get to read this before your internet is shut off.

I love the look of your new template. My son is in OKC right now. :)

Take care of you.

and again...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

and invite me for your next Tequila party!

MamaKBear said...

Weasie: LOL...I'd never heard the expression "FUBAR" before I got with MrKB. That was pretty much an accurate description of me Friday night. Happy Anniversary to you!!!

Mel: Yesssss, I sure did! Paying for it now, too...but it sure was fun! It's a wonder I didn't break my freakin' neck!

Monica: I got your email yesterday hun...wonder why it kept freezing up on you? Thank you for the birthday wishes! :) You're always welcome to my tequila parties! ;)

Ryan said...

happy b-day we already missing u!

l'amoureux de KT said...

Tequila Slaughter, we used to call that, when I lived in Mexico...

FUBAR - hahahaha - yeah, brings back my military edjication. Don't forget TARFU* for the middle ground...

My weekend was pretty tame [well, no, that's a lie, but those phonecalls are censored, k?]

Oh, and good tequila doesn't usually leave you with a headache. But there is a tendency towards collateral damage.

*TARFU=Things Are Really Fucked Up

Chris said...

Happy early Birthday honey!

Gotta watch that te-kill-ya, it can make walls/door frames, and various other objects jump out at you.


MamaKBear said...

Ryan: Thank you sweetie! :)

L'amoureux: Tequila Slaughter! LOL Yeah, that sounds about right! And NO WONDER I never get headaches! Good tequila! :)

Chris: Thank you!! That must be what happened...the doorframe jumped out at me! lol *hugs back* I really need to update my blogroll...

~TVS said...

Happy birthday! I'm sending you a virtual cake with virtual trick candles that you can't blow out.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday MamaKBear!
I am 15 minutes late!
Hope you had a good one! and layed off the tequilaaaa. LOL

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