Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Christmas

<---Meghan with her Nana

Another Christmas has come and gone! This one was my 13th with MrKB, and our 2nd with the girls. Gotta admit, it's more fun now that we have them. It's also a lot more exhausting!! My house is a wreck, and I've got a lot of cleaning to do, but man...I'm so freakin' tired! I slept pretty well last night, but I still feel like I could lay down and sleep another 6 hours.

I got some pretty nice gifts...my "Friends" DVD collection is now complete with Season 1. (I had seasons 2-10 already)...I got a couple of porcelain dolls, a little cash, and a Crown Royal gift set. (Shame it wasn't tequila! But MrKB likes it, so it will still get some use!) I got a few other things too, but can't think of them at the moment.

We spent Christmas Eve over at my parents' house opening gifts. The girls made out like bandits, as always! It was fun watching them open presents. Meghan is 20 months old this year, so could actually open hers by herself. It was funny, 'cuz she didn't even pay attention to what the presents actually were until she got every last bit of wrapping paper off first! LOL Too cute!

Christmas Day was spent at my Grandparents' house in Enid, where the girls got MORE presents. The adults of the family played the "Dirty Santa" game, which is how I ended up with the Crown Royal set, and MrKB ended up with $30 worth of scratch-off lottery tickets. No big winners though...bummer.

All in all it was a good
Christmas, and tomorrow we go to pick up my stepdaughters to spend some time with us! :) Really looking forward to seeing them!

Now, some pictures! :)

Checking out what Santa brought...

and more presents! :)


April said...

Toooooooo freakin' adorable! Thanks for sharing!

NDFosterMom said...

They are sooo cute.

Katie McKenna said...

Love all the pictures of your two beautiful babies! They are getting so big, fast! Always amazes me. Thanks for sharing your sweeties!

Ryan said...

this post is what christmas is about thanx 4 sharing with us. very cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. :)

Email me if you get a chance in all this craziness.



lecram sinun said...

Beautiful! Here's wishing you a Geand New Year!

SignGurl said...

How fun!!!

Happy New Year!