Wednesday, February 01, 2006

8 Things That Make a Perfect Partner

So I got tagged by ~Lil Deb~ with this one!

List 8 attributes of the perfect partner. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on a post letting them know they've been tagged. If tagged before, no need to contribute.

Here we go!

1. HONESTY: If a man can't be honest with me, what's the point of having a relationship?? Don't lie to me. I hate that.

2. HUMOR: I love to laugh. Comedy shows and movies are among my favorites. If a man has a sense of humor and can make me laugh, it is a major plus.

3. AFFECTION: Needs to love me for me, and to be able to show it whether we're at home or in public. I need someone that's not afraid of a little PDA.

4. COMMON SENSE: Knows how to use his brain when it comes to certain, don't put your money and your keys in the same damn pocket!!! (YES, MrKB did it again, lost our last 10 bucks for the week this time. You'd think he learned after losing 575 dollars this way, but noooo!)

5. SENSITIVE: Needs to be sensitive to my feelings. Cheer me up when I'm down, anticipate my moods. Be sensitive to other people's feelings as well.

6. HARDWORKING: I don't want somebody who's lazy. I need to be taken care of too, and if that means for them to go out and have a job to earn the money for the family, then so be it. Don't expect me to do everything. Help out around the house too.

7. HANDSOME: This doesn't mean you have to look like Brad Pitt, but take care of yourself. Take some time to look nice for me, at least now and then. SHAVE for god's sakes.

8. GOOD IN BED: Let's face it...the quality of the sex in a relationship really matters. I'd hate to be married to a man that didn't have a clue what he's doing down there! Quantity isn't as important to me as quality. I'd rather have great sex just once a week than boring, non-satisfying sex 3 or 4 times a week. Pay attention to where my buttons are!

Okay, so there you have it. I'm not going to tag anybody for this one since a lot of people have already done it...if you haven't and you decide to, let me know so I can check it out! :)


Randi said...

I like the way you think, Mama. I may have found someone that meets most of those requirements... the sex is still in they mystery stages though. Hope Mr.KB is fulfilling those for you... minus the keys of course. haha

SignGurl said...

Uggg....I can't believe he keeps losing money! I would take it and hold onto it!

This tag swept through Blog World like Chlamydia through a frat house.

MamaKBear said...

Randi: Oh, he does a pretty good job most of the time. I think I'll keep him! :)

Jenn: Yep, and he wonders why I get so upset!! I hold on to what I can, but he refuses to give me the money after he's cashed his check every week. What I don't get is he's RIGHT handed and keeps putting money and keys in his LEFT pocket. To me it's easier to get my keys out of my right pocket. I dunno what to do with him other than keep trying to beat it in his head that he's being stupid when he does that. MEN!

mg said...

Wow. Great list! I came to visit for HNT... but this really hit home for what I've got going on right now ;) Funny how all that happens!

Thanks for the visit, and for the epiphany ;)


Midwestern City Boy said...

I think we guys have all done #4 from time to time. I know I have. (But not for $575; California Girl would kill me.)

And Randi is right. This tag is everywhere.

Monica said...

I haven't seen this tag and like it so I'm going to borrow it for my Frisky Flirty Friday post so I can get back into the groove of things on here.

Thank you for your comments and prayers over my cousin and my mother.

Anonymous said...

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