Monday, February 13, 2006

Still Tired But Feeling Better

I want to start out by saying Thank You to all of you who left comments on my last post. You were all very encouraging and your support is always appreciated! It's always nice to know you are not alone when you are feeling down.

I am doing a bit better now. Sent the girls to Grandma's Friday night, where they spent the night. MrKB and I hit the casino and played for hours. Best part of the night was when I won 300 dollars on a quarter game! Yay me! We ended up leaving with about 60 bucks more than we went in with, so that was good.

Went and got some tequila Saturday, and I did a little drinking of the shots...felt pretty good to get a bit toasted and just relax after the kids were in bed. MrKB spent the time playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on the PS2, and after awhile we went to bed, but not immediately to sleep! ;)

My house is a wreck now, since I haven't had the energy to clean it. Gonna try to get that done tomorrow, and need to get laundry caught up. Is laundry ever really "caught up"?? Seems like it never ends. I'm glad we at least have a washer and dryer of our own. I hate having to go to the laundrymat or to Mom's to do laundry. At least at home I can be doing other things while the laundry is running.

Meghan is still not sleeping through the night right now...though she did sleep for Grandma!! It figures, doesn't it? It's almost 3am while I type this, and she's been sleeping off and on since around 12:30. Tonight, though, I think it's more than just teething. Seems she is getting sick, or is already sick. When she wakes up she is coughing and it is a nasty sounding cough. One of the barking seal kind...I'm hoping it's just a cold, but could be croup. She's not running a fever, so that's good. Poor baby obviously doesn't feel well...I gave her some nighttime cold and cough medicine, and now that she's asleep again (finally!) I'm hoping she stays asleep. I'm going to keep a close eye on her and if she gets worse I will take her in to the doctor. She's never been sick before, so I imagine she doesn't know what to think about not feeling good! I knew it was gonna happen eventually, but poor little baby girl!

Anyway, just wanted to post a little update...gonna go try to get some sleep myself. Hope y'all had a great weekend!

*EDIT* OK, so I managed to get some sleep. The baby is doing better, still has a cough, but no fever. She did stay asleep finally.

When I went in the girls' room to get Destiny up, I was greeted with the smell of poop. Destiny had a poonami...there was poop EVERYWHERE....on her, on the bed, all the covers...Ugh. She immediately starts crying because she thought she'd be in trouble for pooping in her pants, but like I said before, I can overlook the shits. I'm not happy about it, but I understand she couldn't help it. Took her in the bathroom to get her cleaned up, and while wiping her butt she starts crying hysterically and freaking me out. I'm like "What the hell's the matter with you?!?" ...turns out she's got a bad rash. Poor thing...but I had to keep wiping, the poop was halfway up her back and everything. Finally get her cleaned up then took her back to the bedroom to put some diaper rash medicine on her. I was as gentle as I could be and she still screamed like she's being beat to death or something. Sheesh. Meghan has had rashes that were so bad they bled and she didn't scream like that! It's been awhile since Des had a rash, so I guess I understand...she's probably forgotten how they hurt.

Got the girls breakfast (after thoroughly washing my hands!) and then had to go strip the bed and throw everything in the washer. Really fun way to start my day, lemme tell ya.

Oh yeah, I took Des' temperature and it was 99.7 under the arm...anyone know if you're supposed to add a degree or not when you take it this way? I can't remember for sure. Looks like I'm gonna have two sick little girls for a couple days.

So glad I got that break...


Jillian said...

Hang in there!!

Jodes said...

Vent away if you need too. Life can really take a toll on us.

Randi said...

congrats on you winnings! i envy the fact that you can do tequila shots without either verbally or physically abusing someone. if only i had your strenght.

lesbopatticakes said...

congrats on time for yourselves...don't worry about the house it will always be there...just keep a path clear

Jay said...

Is there any chance you'll get a moment to yourselves tomorrow to say happy anniversary? Have a good one either way.

Midwestern City Boy said...

I agree with everyone else. Your house will always be there. Go out and enjoy your anniversary.

I hope the girls get better soon.

portazgofs said...

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Redneck Diva said...

I always add a degree under the arm. I guess you're supposed to take away a degree if you take it rectally, but frankly, I have no intention of ever taking my child's temp rectally!! :D

duff said...

redneck diva's right- add a degree under the arm, and leave the thermometer under the arm for an extra minute after it stops beeping.

ah- maybe those five years as a preschool teacher were worthwhile after all.