Friday, February 24, 2006

Hi There! :)

How's everyone doing? Good? Alright! Me? I've been busy!

Thursday was my Daddy's birthday. I had totally forgotten about it! Well, not totally, I'd thought about how it was coming up just a couple days before, but on the actual day I hadn't thought about what the date was until my Mom came by to drop some things off and said something about his birthday. Hate when that happens!

So, once again I wasn't able to get around to everyone's HNTs....we went out to dinner at CiCi's Pizza with Mom & Dad, my sister, and her kids. Then we went to my parent's house for birthday cake, presents, and just to visit for awhile. We got him some Powerball tickets for Saturday's drawing. I told him that if he wins anything over $100 that I want 10%. LOL....kidding, of course!

Today I had to watch my niece and nephew since they were out of school. Speaking of my nephew, my MIL got a letter from the doctor who evaluated him while he was locked up. This doctor says there is nothing wrong with him, that the feelings and thoughts he has are perfectly normal. He also said that the whole point of him keeping a journal was to be able to write down things he might think of that are violent to keep him from acting on them. Also, that the school counselor making his journal public was a breach of confidentiality and that the actions that he took were very wrong.

This was a big relief to all of us, as you can imagine. My nephew has already missed more than 3 weeks of school because of this crap. Mom couldn't even go enroll him elsewhere because of that counselor. He kept saying that "He is a danger to himself and others and I will make sure that he's not allowed in any school." The doctor that sent the letter also included copies for the school and the DHS caseworker that had to come out. Now, at least, she can get him into school somewhere else. She's also looking into getting a lawyer and suing the school counselor, and possibly the school.

Tomorrow we will be going to visit Andy. He's got some birthday parties to go to, so we won't have him for the weekend, even though it is our time to have him. It's alright, though, we don't want to deny him going to his friends' parties. He's missed out on some before already. So, we're all supposed to go meet at a McD's over by his house, along with the kids' Grandfather and older sister. Sucks that I have to get up early on a Saturday, but oh well.

That's all my news for some tequila and I'm waiting for it to get cold. Plan on drinking a little tonight, so if there's any drunk posting, you'll have to forgive me!

One more thing, if you haven't already, please stop by my Johari window and pick 6 words you think describe me best. You can find it here. Thanks y'all!


Monica said...

I am soo sorry the baby was sick but soo glad she is getting better. I hope you are all well by Monday. Being sick on a Monday is just worse for some reason.


Alicia said...

Wow,my computer doesn't work for a week and look at everything I miss. I'm glad to see everyone is getting better. Meghan is beautiful. I still say she looks like you. Taylor was sick a couple weeks ago with the same thing only on top of the penicilin I had to give her breathing treatments every 4 hours. SUCKED! Congratulations on her first step and don't worry the teeth will come and you WILL get Take care.

SignGurl said...

Pass that tequila, chica!

Jillian said...

Wonderful new about your nephew!

MMMM Tequlia!!!!

Have a super weekend!!

Tatted said...

Why is it when you want something specific to drink, like a beer, there isn't any cold? or when you want a soda, it hasn't made it to the fridge as well? The tequila however, it is always cold & ready in this house!

Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

ewwie don't mention tequila!!! I have been sick on that tooooo many times to count!! Of course it was back in my wilder days. Not too wild anymore, I can't remember the last thing I have had to drink. Oh, maybe it was beer a couple of years ago when my brothers band played.
I am getting old!

Midwestern City Boy said...

Hopefully the letter from the doctor will help things. There's probably not much your mom can do about the counselor since we're so paranoid these days.

Glad you and the baby are both doing better. Have a great weekend!

Ryan said...

i know what its like being sick all the time glad your doing better.

nosouthernbelle said...

Hope you find a good lawyer, and rightly so.

Monica said...

I have a weakness for tequila but shhh, don't tell anyone!

One of my blonde moments? I thought, wow I didn't realize I had commented on this already...but you have another Monica friend on here. Okay, how bad was that? LOL.

It's good people who see that a child has a social life with parties and all...he's going to see you for who you are. :)

Aisha T. said...

Well, it sounds like you are upbeat despite the challenges that your nephew is facing. Or is that the tequila *grin*.

Katie said...

lol.. you are busy! I'm happy to hear that things are looking up for your nephew. This has to have been so tough on everybody ~ but especially him. Also pleased to hear that Andy appears to be doing alright where he's at.

I couldn't get your page open this morning.. ended up working late ... life is... always challenging!

kaliblue said...

Ha I told ya I knew you're Nephew was ok. :-) Heck like I said before, he hasn't had any thoughts all of us have had a time or 2 in our lifetime. :-). Journaling is the best for him. Glad to see the Doc thinks he's normal too. :-)