Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a Week!

This has been quite the week for me. I didn't get to go to everybody's HNT's like I normally do, and my comments suffered for it! LOL One thing keeping me from it was my was fine on Wednesday night, but Thursday it started acting all wonky. Numbers were coming up when I was pushing letters, and if I hit the enter key while commenting it just erased everything I had typed! It got very frustrating, so by the end of the day, I made MrKB give me money to go get a new keyboard. Ahhhhh...that's much better!

In other news...both girls are still sick. Basically nasty colds and diarrhea. Destiny greeted me TWICE this week in the morning with shit all over her, and her bed. The second time it happened, it stunk up the whole freakin' house! Ugh. I think that happened on Thursday.

Destiny is getting better now...still has diarrhea, but not as often. She's getting her appetite back finally and I'm having her drink as much water as I can so she doesn't get dehydrated. She hasn't had a fever since Tuesday, but still has a runny nose and coughs a little.

Meghan, on the other hand, has started having poonamis of her own, and started running a fever last night. It got as high as 103 and I managed to get it down to barely 100 degrees and she went to sleep. Had a temp of 102 again this morning, poor baby. She's at least still taking her bottle and other than being more tired than usual, is acting pretty normal. She's sleeping now and I imagine she'll sleep quite a bit for a couple of days.

I'll probably end up being next, but dammit, I don't have time to be sick!!

Dang, I was trying to thing what else has happened this week, but that's pretty much it. Been keeping pretty busy with two sick little girls, cleaning the house and doing laundry. Whooo, what an exciting life I lead!

Oh yeah, it snowed last night, maybe a couple of inches. Started out as freezing rain and people are idiots when they try to drive on that stuff. Got freakin' cold as hell...think it was 17 degrees outside when I finally got to bed. Brrrrrr! I hate snow. Guess winter has to get in a last hurrah before it makes way for spring...of course, this IS still February, so it might get in a couple of more hurrahs before it's all said and done. Bah. I took a couple of pics when I went outside last night, but I don't know how well they came out. Might try to post them later.

I do have a pic I promised SignGurl I would post a little while back. Jenn, remember your post about PeeWee Herman? Check this out and tell me if you recognize it:

I took this during my time on the road with MrKB. This was out in California somewhere, I don't remember exactly where, but I know it was SoCal. Someday I'm gonna have to do a post with pics I took from all over the U.S., I've got lots!

Have a great weekend, y'all! Stay safe and warm!


natty68 said...

Oh no, I hope everyone gets better soon.

And woah what a huge dinosaur...


Anonymous said...

awww so sorry to hear about the little one's diarrhea, that's so sad and what a mess to have to try and clean up.

I recognize the picture from the Pee Wee movie..whoo hoo!

Midwestern City Boy said...

It's nothing that we haven't all been through. Hopefully, the worst of it is over. Cleaning up is way no fun. I hope your girls get better soon.

Heather said...

Geez, seems like all my fav bloggers are sick or getting better. I hope you are getting better. And please, don't share ;)

SignGurl said...

Oh, I totally recognize it! It's the place where Pee Wee had met Simone the waitress. They were inside of the dino and PW had his "everbody has a big but" speech.

Thanks for posting that! Fun stuff!

I hope you don't get it too. It's awful when mom gets it too.

yep, it's me.... said...

I thought vomitrocous was going to be my new favorite word... (kept woman)
but poonamis
that is the best.

mamak -
my life is taking a giant poonami right now
I am tired
waaaaaaaay tired
yep, waaaaaaaaaaay depressed too
and I am fighting just to get through each day

hugs, thanks for stopping by

Katie said...

ugh...I'm with Velma and your little ones...sick.. tired.. tired of being hope it's worth at least 5lbs!

Thanks for popping in to check on me!