Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Poor Baby Girl!

We almost took Meghan to the emergency room last night. She'd been running a fever since Friday, but last night it got up to 104.4, and my poor baby was definitely not acting herself. At that point all she would really do is lay there. Not crying, not fussing, nothing. Her toys sat on her exersaucer all day, she didn't even have the energy to throw them off onto the floor! Toys usually don't stay there more than 15 minutes at the most.

Called my Mama 'cuz I was starting to really worry about her. She said we should try to get her temperature down before resorting to taking her to the hospital. So, we gave her some children's Tylenol (again!) and put cool rags on her neck and chest. Oh, she didn't like that part at all, at least not at first, that was the only time she had any fight in her at all. About an hour later we got her temp down to 100.1, and put her to bed.

She's better today, but not 100%. She had a fever of 103 this morning and between doses of Tylenol, she went back and forth between 100-102 most of the day. Checked her awhile ago and it's only 99.3. Hopefully the worst is behind us. Poor little baby! Also today we saw her smile again. :) Hadn't seen it for the last two days. I'm just very thankful that this whole thing hasn't included vomiting!!

Now, for good news....Friday night Meghan took her very first step!! It was just one, 'cuz when she did it, I wasn't expecting it at all and I yelled "Ahhhh!! Did you see that??" LOL She grabbed hold of something, and looked at me like "WTF are you hollering about?!?" I couldn't help it, I got excited. :) At this rate, she's gonna be walking before she ever gets any teeth!

Destiny now has her own room. We took Andy's stuff out of his room and put hers in there. We figure Andy is not gonna be here enough to justify him having his own bedroom. We're putting his bed in Meghan's room with her, along with his dresser and toy box. I think Des likes her new room, 'cuz earlier today MrKB was walking by and she said "My dresser, my bed, my toys, ALL MINE!"!

Our caseworker is supposed to be coming over tomorrow for a visit, and the house is a wreck. I just don't have the energy. I had it clean just a couple days ago for gosh sakes!! Maybe we can call and reschedule.


Randi said...

Hope baby feels better!

Clarity said...

I'm so sorry the little one is sick. I'm glad to hear that her fever went down a bit. I hope that her health improves even more tomorrow!

As for cleaning, It's hard enough for me and Eric to keep the place clean for all the potential tenants that keep coming to tour our flat, I can't imagine how much MORE difficult it must be with children!

Take care, and thank you so much for your caring note:)

Midwestern City Boy said...

Kids tend to have higher fevers than adults but its good at its under control. I hope she feels better today.

I wouldn't worry to much about cleaning. The most important thing is to take care of your little girl. I'm sure that even the case worker understands that. All kids get sick at one time or another.

Far said...

Aw poor baby.. hope she feels better :)

The Real Kidd said...

Aww, poor little baby. I hope she is better soon. I hate it when my little ones are sick.

And I am sure that Des loves her own room. My three year old just got her own room and she is like on cloud 9! LOL, she did the same thing as Des. "My bed, my toys, mymymymy" So funny!

MomThatsNuts said...

I hope the little angel gets better soon. Whenever the troll~ings had a fever you could bet their ears were involved! Being sick sucks!!! Hope good bugs are hurrying over to bite her!!!


Kim said...

I'm glad she's feeling better. When Lullah was a wee one, she had multiple ear infections with high fever each time. Her pediatrician recommended alternating childrens Tylenol and children's motrin (ibuprofen). It always worked well, it's something I still do.

SignGurl said...

The momma in me wanted to mention the fever yesterday. Don't let it get too high or last too long. If she still has one tomorrow you need to get her to the doctor. She obviously has some sort of infection and may need anti biotics.

You are doing such an awesome job with the girls! Don't worry about Meghan walking before getting her teeth. I didn't have any until I was 14 months old. My dad had a dream that I never got any. The later she gets them the better off she will be since they are more protected in her gums.

Keep your chin up, Chica! You're doing an awesome.