Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Good News!!

Ok, I haven't done a good post in a few days, and I've got some news.

DHS held a "Grand Staffing" meeting this last Monday regarding our case and the kids, in particular 5yr old. This is a meeting where everyone involved in the case and a few neutral parties get together to discuss the situation. Foster parents were not included. I'm not sure why...

MrKB talked to our family support leader to find out how things went, and apparently, with the exception of 5yr old's therapist, EVERY SINGLE person there wants him with US as soon as possible!! The big issues that came up were my bonding with him and our smoking (of course). As for the bonding one of the neutral parties said "A mother bonds with a child when she cooks for him, bathes him, takes care of him, all the day to day things and she (meaning me) hasn't had the chance to do all these things." Everybody (except therapist) AGREED with this statement! As for the issue of our smoking, our support leader and our caseworker let them know we are already working to quit. It will take time, but by God, we are taking that complaint out from under them, and we WILL prevail!

Also...check this out...

Our caseworker called us and we will be picking 5yr old up tomorrow at 4pm and we'll have him until Saturday at 6pm. So we get him for Thanksgiving! Not only that, but from now on we get him EVERY WEEKEND, from 6pm Fridays to 6pm Sundays. I guess his foster parents finally pissed off the caseworker. I'm sure his foster parents are having fits about this news, but they can KISS MY ASS!!! hehehe So, even though court didn't go so well for us, the Grand Staffing went totally our way! YAY! Once we have him with us, they won't be seeing him ever again...before we were gonna let them keep in touch with him and see him now and then, and maybe even have an occasional overnight visit. Not anymore...why should we after they lied to us and have done everything they could to try and make us look bad?

The caseworker is also gonna get it worked out that the kids' 11yr old sister spends at least one night or something with us every other weekend. She's gonna talk to 11yr old's Grandfather and see about working out a schedule.

Now...for other news...

Baby girl is growing so fast! She sits herself up all the time now and has finally figure out she can go forward on her hands and knees! So now she's crawling, but only little short distances, just enough to get over to whatever toy she can't reach at the time. She hasn't figured out that if she wanted to she could crawl all over the house yet. Soon, though, I'm sure!

2 yr old is making good progress on the potty training front. She stays dry now more often than not. She's gone 3 days of being dry at the most...then she peed her pants all freakin' day for 2 days. I guess that's how it goes for awhile, but she's doing better! She never poops in them at least, unless she's got diarrhea, and I can't really blame her for that. I'll be glad when we're done with the potty training stuff.

As for the smoking, today was the 4th day of trying to quit. We have figured out that we can't go all day yet without having one or maybe two cigarettes. We're working on it....one day at a time! We decided one or two a day after what we smoked before ain't bad at all, and it keeps us from killing each other!

I like how my blog looks now...pink is not my color but it was the closest thing to purple that blogger had that I liked. I got the new template at http://blogger-templates.blogspot.com/ ...it wasn't too hard to install and they had tips for doing other stuff to, like removing the blogger navigation bar from the top. If you're looking for a change, you should definitely check it out! As for Tigger in my profile pic, I'm a Tigger fan, so it makes the place more "me". I've got different Tiggers for when the holidays or seasons change.

That about wraps it up for now! :)


Kim said...


Good news. Good news.

mdrock said...

Thanks for the update MKB,all good news :-) It sounds like you are all set to have a nice holiday!

Jillian said...

What wonderful news! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

cmhl said...

that is great news about the smoking-- I agree-- cutting way down is much better that nothing!!

Alicia said...

That's great! I'm so happy for you! I have grwat news too. Garth cmae home for the holiday! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Alicia said...

See I'm so excited I can't even type properly today!

ty bluesmith said...

not to be crude or any of that shit, but those ppl and their high and mighty shit can suck it.

"ooh, we worry about the smoking."

power trips suck!!!

hang in there, YO

MrsCoach2U said...

Very good news! I'm glad it seems to finally be going your way. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

SignGurl said...

I was right again! I told you things would start going your way. I am the great all seeing SignGurl!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

MamaKBear said...

Kim: It IS good news, ain't it?

mdrock: I'm set if I can make my Mom's famous dessert come out right! lol

Jill: Thanks! You too! :)

cmhl: Thanks so much! :)

Alicia: Thanks, and I'm glad your honey made it home too! :)

Ty: Be crude! I don't care! I hate those people...hate any kind of "high and mighty" types anyway. I agree..they can just suck it! Thanks for the support!

MrsCoach: Meeeee too! Happy Thanksgiving sweetie! :)

Jenn: Yep you were! Now, if you're all-seeing, can you tell me when I'll have my first million bucks??? lol

Aisha T. said...

Good news for the holiday weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

Midwestern City Boy said...

This is EXCELLENT news. I hope the 5-year old's foster parents piss of the therapist too. Good luck with stopping smoking. Then they won't have any ammunition. They'll sound so funny when they say the kids always comes back smelling like smoke and you guys say you quit in November.

Happy Thanksgiving!!