Wednesday, November 02, 2005

This is Driving Me Nuts!!

Every time I look at my blog now I think to myself "What the hell did you think you were doing?!?" All I wanted to do was get a blogroll of my own so I could put all these wonderful blogs I read every day on my page instead of in my Favorites.

Not only did I not accomplish this, but now everything that was on the right is way at the bottom....nobody's gonna scroll all the way down just to read that!

Please, PLEASE....If someone out there knows how to fix this, please tell me! And if anyone wants to volunteer to add blogroll for me, please go right ahead! If you don't know how, but know someone who's a wiz at this kinda thing, send them my way. I would greatly appreciate any help!

*Blink Blink*

Just stopped by to see if I had any responses yet....LOOKIE THERE!!! ----------> Everything on the right has MAGICALLY reappeared where it should be!!! YAY! That looks much better!

I wonder what happened....


goobergirl said...

I added one to see how it works ... and it went up just fine. What exactly did ya do the first time? Message me on yahoo and I can tell ya what I did if you'd like :)

MamaKBear said...

Hey goobergirl!

It's alright now, I figured it out! Yay me!

I even managed to get a HNT button installed, how do ya like that?? I'm on a roll now!

Thanks for the offer to help, tho...I appreciate it! BTW I don't have yahoo...I use MSN. :(

mdrock said...

Hear the one about the captain that walked into a bar with the ships wheel on the front of his trousers? The bartender said, "Hey skipper. you know you got a wheel on your drawers? "Aye" answered the captain, "And it's drivin' me nuts!"

Sorry, couldn't resisit after I saw the title of your post. Just ingore me, I am always a little delusional in the mornings!