Wednesday, November 16, 2005

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You are Temperance

Time. Ages. Transformation. Involuntary change

Temperance is another card of aspiration, but also of much change. It often represents complex situations. Positively, you can harmonize contrary forces.

Temperance is, on a surface level, about "tempering." The original pouring from cup to cup might have been about cutting wine with water. So this is a card about moderation. There is, however, another angle to the card, that of merging seemingly impossible opposites. Sagittarius, the centaur, merges beast and man into a unique creature. And then there is the bow and arrow, one moving, one stationary, working together to point the way. Temperance may be, at first glance, a warning for you to "temper" your behavior, to cut your wine with water. But it may also be a reminder to that seemingly irreconcilable opposites may not be irreconcilable at all. Belief that fiery red and watery blue cannot be merged may be the only thing standing in the way of blending the two. Change the belief, measure out each with care, and you can create otherworldly violet.

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Take the Test to Find Out. the results to post, but picture didn't work this time. Bleh.

*edit* Apparently the link to take the test isn't working from here either...If you'd like to try it, head on over to The Chronicles of's in my blogroll over there-----> This is a cool test made by CyberWarlock himself, so go! Give it a try! I know others have been able to post their results without the probs I've been having. :(


art said...

the link to the test doesn't work

CyberWarlock said...

Looks like your email or something made the links into actual links instead of just the code/text, but not very well.. so it messed up the image and the link at the end. I sent it in plain text so that wouldn't happen :(

I could tell you what lines to fix, but if it messed them up once it will probably do it again if I try to mail the code to you.

kaliblue said...

*scratchin chin* *rubbing hands together* Ah very very inta- restin. Jes, Jes I do fore see. *giggles* Cool ..

The Village Idiot said...

Oooo, don't let mrs idiot see that, she's all over the tarot thing!

the idiot

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